Why use Videos in your Marketing Strategy
20 May

Why use Videos in your Marketing Strategy

By admin

Video is the most productive element in digital marketing. It plays an essential role in improving brand awareness and escalating business productivity. 81% of the organizations use videos as their marketing tool as they have found that 6 out of 10 people love watching video content instead of reading the material or even watching television. 

If you have just landed into the business world or looking for some effective marketing strategies to improve your conversion rate and revenue, then start using videos in your marketing strategy.  

An explainer video is a short visual elevator pitch that helps marketers to attract, engage, and delight the customers by explaining the idea of their services/products. Nearly 53% of the customers get attracted to the brand after watching videos. 

Explainer videos like 2D character animation video, typography videos, whiteboard animation videos, etc. not only helps in promoting their services/products but also allows you to make good relationships with their customers. If you are still confused about whether the video marketing strategy is right for your business or not, then in this article, you will get to know about various reasons due to which organizations are using video marketing to elevate their ROI. 

8 Reasons why Video is Vital for Your Business Strategy 

Let’s take a sneak peek at all of them… 

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Reason 1- Videos Escalate Sales and Conversion Ratio

Most organizations struggle to improve their conversion rate and sales over the web. If you are one of them, then adding videos on your landing pages will help you to get rid of this particular issue. 


As per the research, the organizations that have uploaded videos on their landing pages have noticed an 80% escalation in their conversions. I know it’s challenging to convince the customers to purchase the product in one go. But, it is found that 74% of the users buy the product/video after watching explainer videos. 

Videos Escalate Sales and Conversion Ratio

Videos Escalate Sales and Conversion Ratio

So, if you want to increase the number of your potential customers without putting many efforts, then start creating exciting videos to grab the attention of visitors. 

Reason 2- Videos Create Long Term Relationship

For a long term relationship, trust and mutual understanding are vital components. The entire concept of marketing is dependent on how much your customers trust you. Once you ignite their emotions by providing them useful and interesting information, it will be easy for you to improve your sales and business productivity. As said, 57% of the customers get more confidence in the product/ service after viewing videos. 

Uploading promotional videos over the web is the best way to create long term relationships with customers. So, if you seriously want to sell your products to the customers by building relationships, then start creating informative and straightforward videos. If you don’t have much experience in creating videos, then need not worry. Video editing companies will help you in creating attractive videos and build customer’s trust.

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Reason 3- Videos Enhance The ROI

As per the analysis, videos help 83% of the organizations in improving their return on investment. The best part about creating videos is that you don’t have to spend much time and money. But, once you create videos and upload them over your website, you will see tremendous growth in your ROI.

Short, engaging, and informative videos will help you to draw the attention of the visitors and make a considerable return in the future. So, make sure you give better visibility and get a chance to enhance the ROI by making appealing and simple videos. 

Reason 4- Videos Improve Search Engine Ranking

If you are already into the business world, then you might be familiar with how difficult it is to rank the website in the top searches. If you are still struggling to make your visitors stay on your site, then upload amazing videos because Google loves videos.

As per the research conducted by Moovly, the website, which includes videos, is shown up 53 times more on Google. Once you optimize your site, it will be easy for you to improve your search engine ranking and encourage customer’s actions even more.   

Videos Improve Search Engine Ranking

Videos Improve Search Engine Ranking

Reason 5- Videos attract Mobile Users

In this contemporary world, everything is done via mobiles. Therefore, it can be said that mobile phones are gaining popularity all around the world. By looking at the interest of individuals, organizations started adding videos because youtube reports show that videos are consumed 100% every year

Moreover, instead of reading great content, people prefer watching short and informative videos. Thus, if you want to amplify your brand and grab the attention of mobile users, then make sure you incorporate videos in your marketing strategy. 

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Reason 6- Videos are Easy To Share

92% of the users who watch fantastic videos over social media on their mobile phones share it with others. More is the number of shares; higher will be your brand awareness. And, more will be your brand awareness, higher will business productivity. 

Videos are Easy To Share

Videos are Easy To Share

If you want to select one specific social media network, then I recommend you to upload videos on youtube as it is the second most popular social media all across the world. So, if you want to encourage your social media shares, then start creating fun entertaining videos as it will not only drive website traffic but also helps you to make a good relationship with the customers. 

Reason 7- Videos Make it Easy to Understand 

If you just landed into the business world or want to launch a new product/service for the customers, then videos are the best way to explain. 99% of the people who watch explainer videos get to know more about the product/service. More will be the understanding of the product/service, higher will be the customer engagement, and more significant will be the ROI. 

Whenever you create the videos, make sure you focus on the time because most of the people prefer watching short and appealing videos. So, get ready to make your website stand out from the rest by adding video content over the web. 

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The Last Say

Indeed, videos are becoming more and more attractive and affordable due to which most of the organizations use it as their marketing strategy. Hopefully, all the above points will help you to understand how companies are getting more productive without breaking their banks. 

So, what are you waiting for? Do something creative to see real miracles in your business life. Furthermore, if you have any queries regarding video marketing, then do share in the comment section below. 


Happy Marketing!!!