6 Evergreen Keyword Research Tips That Stand Against The Time
23 Aug

6 Evergreen Keyword Research Tips That Stand Against The Time

By admin

Do you know www is one of the most important ways of reaching people, with around 50% penetration of the world population? Since the internet holds this importance, online marketing is exploding. Keyword research is the base of digital marketing.

Keyword research is not like any other blog post or social media post, which requires just a one-time effort. It is not like designing a website or redesigning it either. It is instead a process that demands daily endeavour and daily data-investment so that you can harvest and reap benefits in the future. This is what makes keyword research one of the most important if not, the most important, marketing decision. It is the basis to make better marketing decisions in future.

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A common mistake is thinking that keyword research is a one-time thing, no it isn’t. It is about principles and strategies. So, here’s a list of invaluable tips to update your existing strategies.

Know your audience

Everything about marketing begins from customers and so does your keyword research! Before you actually start listing out your keywords, which you will be targeting, you have to know who your customers are and what they are looking for. Once you are through with this, you will get a detailed insight into their personality traits, demographics and other necessary information to craft a buyer persona. Now, map out their research process and decision criteria. 

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Before targeting, analyze

Now when you are crystal clear about your customer’s needs and requirements, it’s time to find the most relevant keywords and analyze each of them closely. You can either analyze by yourself, with the help of Google or take the help of best SEO tool like Keywordtool.io. My recommendation is to leverage the free tools available on the internet (and paid versions if you have the financial capacity!). These tools help you to not only pick out the ideal keywords but also, show the competence of each of these keywords. Ideally, your aim should be to target those keywords which have a high search volume, but also, at the same time are less competitive.

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Keep an eye on your competition

The basic idea behind keyword research is to push your rank higher on the ladder of search engines and leave your competition behind. But how would you do that if you have no idea about the keywords they are targeting? So, once you have analyzed your own keywords, it’s time to do research on your competitor’s keywords and the strategies they are adopting to target them. Are they targeting the same keywords as yours? How do they rank the keywords that you are targeting? Examine their titles, descriptions, linked sites, site navigation and other pages to assess the success and find answers to all your questions.

Aim to get listed in Google’s Answer boxes

Google recently added special features, in which, instant answers or answer boxes pop-ups on top of screens of search pages. They are really fun, and at the same time very helpful. But these answer boxes are generally from website links only. This is deciphered from Google’s knowledge graph, or from sites which have provided the maximum answers to the question. If you can dig up your way to these answer boxes, you are already the master of keyword research!

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Put relevant keywords in the right places

You might be doing everything right the research, the analysis and everything else. But, if you don’t put the keywords at the required places, then all your efforts will be for nothing. So, try your sheer best to put it in as many places possible- descriptions, headings, titles, and written content of your page. Don’t just stick to the home page, every page is an optimization opportunity – don’t let it go. Crafting content around the keywords is an art and if you master that, there’s nothing like it.

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Pick what’s trending

You don’t have to be out-of-the-box all of the time, sometimes you just need to add the heat to the fire! Yes, it’s not always about hard work, sometimes it’s about smart work too. Pick out the burning topics of the week, dig up its keywords, develop your content around it and schedule it on the hour that records most impressions. 

At the end of the day, remember, keyword research is a part of marketing, and in marketing, nothing is ‘obvious’. You must play the trial and error method alongside these tips to reach perfection.