5 Things To Know When Looking For A Digital Marketer
31 Jul

5 Things To Know When Looking For A Digital Marketer

By admin

Making the decision to hire a digital marketer is a great idea. They’re going to be able to help your company grow in ways you may not have considered yet. Digital marketing pros are an essential part of making sure your efforts to market online are not wasted. They’re the pros that are going to make your marketing goals a reality. 

Hiring a digital marketer isn’t something you should rush. It’s important to hire a digital marketing expert who knows what they’re doing. You do have some flexibility with hiring a good digital marketer that you don’t always have when hiring traditional marketing agencies. Strategies are similar across the board so even if you’re across the country you can still hire someone who handles SEO in Boston and get great results. 

It’s important to know what you should be looking for when you’re searching for the digital marketer that’s right for you. There are some digital marketers that just aren’t going to be as great as others. To make sure you’re getting the best there are some things you should know. Here are five things you should keep in mind when looking for a digital marketer.

1. They Should Be Focusing On The Big Picture

Your digital marketing plan should be unique to your business and a good digital marketer will know that. They’ll know that the small details are important but only in how they affect the big picture. They’ll be able to break things down into actionable tasks to accomplish the goals for your overall plan for your business. 

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As a company, you probably aren’t just focusing on digital marketing. It’s likely a part of a bigger plan about how your company will reach its goals. A good digital marketer will know that and see that their plan fits into that big-picture plan. They should also be able to explain to you why their plan for digital marketing fits into your big-picture goals. 

You want someone who knows they are part of a bigger plan. Someone who isn’t going to look at all of your goals isn’t the right digital marketer for you. Your digital marketing plan should be able to make your business grow and thrive and a good digital marketer will know how to make that happen.

2.  They Should Have A Content Marketing Plan

Content marketing is the type of marketing that could gain you a lot of traction online. It’s a way to create blog posts and articles that bring potential customers back to your site. A good digital marketer is going to have a plan of attack for this specific facet of digital marketing. They’re going to understand how important it is to make sure content marketing is part of your online presence. 

Talk to anyone you’re considering hiring about their plans and how they handle content marketing. It’s important that they know how to provide high-quality content that’s relevant to your company and what your potential customers are going to be interested in. Make sure your digital marketer understands the importance of content marketing and has a good plan in place for how they handle this part of their approach. 

3. They Should Have A Plan For Social Media

The days of being able to post occasionally on Facebook and get a high engagement rate are over. You can still engage with your customers on social media (and you should) but that can’t be the only part of your social media marketing plan anymore. Companies have gathered so much information on their users by now that paying for advertising on social media is more than worth the investment up front. 

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A good digital marketer will understand that engagement is important but not the only thing that matters in social media by now. They will know how to navigate the advertising and promotional post options for social media platforms to make them work for your business. 

Targeted posts and advertisements have extremely specific settings and a good digital marketer will know how to use those. You’ll be able to specify all kinds of target demographics and whoever you hire should be able to choose the right options for every single paid post you decide to do. 

Make sure you ask about their social media plans and be picky. Don’t settle for someone who doesn’t mention both paid posts and engaging online with your customers via social media.

4. They Should Know Their Tools Well

There are many many tools that digital marketers have the option to use. When you are looking at who you want to hire look for someone that knows their tools well. You want to make sure they are using tools because there’s a good reason to use them and not because they’re trendy and new. 

Ask about what tools they use to post on social media, what they use for analytics, and what types of keyword tools they use. These should all have concrete answers and explanations. You want someone who knows that their tools should add value to what they do and isn’t just bouncing around to new apps or resources because they got bored with their old ones. 

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It’s okay to ask questions about why they use what they use and make sure that you’re comfortable with how much they know about the tools they use and why they’re useful.

5. They Should Have Some Technical Abilities Too

Your digital marketer is going to be handling a lot of things for you. They don’t have to be able to do every technical aspect themselves but they should have some technical abilities just to make things easier on you. 

Think of asking about how they plan to handle images for social media for example. If they state they cannot create images and you don’t have a way to provide those images for them, it’s probably not a good fit. If you do have someone who can create images, your digital marketer may be able to make small edits (like correcting a spelling error) to cut down on the back and forth before something gets posted. 

When you’re thinking about what extra abilities your digital marketer should have, consider what is going to make your life easier. Look for digital marketing experts that have abilities that complement what you can do yourself. It really will make things easier for everyone in the end.


Knowing what to look for when you hire a digital marketer will help you make the process as easy as possible. Remember that it’s not only okay to ask a lot of questions, it’s also ideal. You want to make sure whoever you hire is going to be beneficial to your business so it’s okay to be picky. Any effort you put in now will pay off when you start seeing the new customers (and profits) rolling in.