5 SEO Tips to Index and Rank your next Content faster
08 Aug

5 SEO Tips to Index and Rank your next Content faster

By admin

The process of making your new piece of content rank higher in the SERPs is quite overwhelming. Yes, we get it. But fortunately, it’s not impossible either. SEO is not any rocket science and, thus, you can index as well as rank your content higher in the search engine results even without waiting for months.

Here we have 5 SEO tips that would help you to get your fresh content crawled, indexed, and ranked in the SERPs as soon as it’s published.

  1. Submit the URL to Search Engines

Now that you have written an impressive piece of content and published it on the website, the next thing that you should do is – submit the URL to the bots.

Undoubtedly, the bots will come to your page as soon as you are on the Internet but submitting the URLs will put them in their priority list. With thousands of blogs published in a minute, it certainly takes some time for the bots to crawl your page.

Hence, the best practice is to submit them manually to the search engines. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Log in to your Google Search Console account.
  • Click on URL Inspection from the left-hand side toolbar.


  • Enter the URL that you wish to submit in the search bar.


  • If your content is a few days old, the URL will be available on Google as shown below.


  • However, if you have just published the content, click on Request Indexing

And, you are done! Once you have submitted the link to Google, the bots will automatically crawl your page on priority.

  1. Submit the Sitemaps
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Many of us tend to ignore sitemaps thinking that the bots will fetch them automatically. Though it’s not necessary to submit the sitemaps manually, it does speeds up the process of crawling and indexing.

Sitemaps carry all your page URLs and they are updated regularly. And hence, it makes complete sense as to why you should be submitting them manually.

One way is to put them inside your robots.txt file. You can put multiple sitemaps at the end of your robots.txt file and tell Google where your URLs are present.

Another way is by submitting them via Google Search Console. Check out the image below for reference.


Click on the Sitemaps option and submit it to the search engine.

The last and the most amazing way of going about the aforementioned procedure is by pinging Google. Simply type https://www.google.com/ping?sitemap=https://example.com/sitemap.xml (replace example.com with your domain name) in the search bar and your sitemap will be submitted to Google within a few seconds!

  1. Link to important pages

You might be aware of the fact that interlinking your webpages is the least that you should do to improve the visibility of your website in the SERPs. A well-interlinked website makes it easier for the bots to crawl and understand the structure of your site.

Hence, whenever you are pushing out any new content, don’t forget to include valuable links in it, pointing to some other (relevant) pages of the website. Also, add the URL of the fresh content in your older posts to increase its visibility and authority.

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Whenever you do this, the bots will come to know that this page is related to some previously indexed one and, it’s on priority to be crawled.

However, don’t forget to check out these 6 important factors that don’t affect your website’s Google ranking.


We don’t think there’s a need to mention the importance of social media. Being a business in 2019, there’s no way you can survive without social media marketing (until unless you are already an established brand).

Once you are done publishing your content, don’t forget to share it on other social media channels as well. Google does follow the number of external links that you are getting.

Besides all this, try to be a part of forums like Reddit and Quora. These are actually the external signals to Google bots so that it can give preference to your new page/content.

  1. Keep a check on URL structures

Permalinks are quite important SEO point-of-view and here’s a tip that you can take away for making your content rank in the search results.

Suppose you have a blog page with URL as https://www.example.com/blog and, you are publishing all your future blogs under the same URL structure, this can be a temporary signal to the bots to rank your fresh content.

Whenever bots find a similar structured URL, they give preference to them.

That was all for getting your fresh piece of content up on the SERPs. While ranking content on search engines has a lot to do with other aspects such as quality of content, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, Alt-text, etc., these were a few tips that you can adopt to make it indexed faster.

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