Search Engine Results Pages and SERP Features
21 Feb

Search Engine Results Pages and SERP Features

By priyanaidu

When anyone is in doubt regarding a topic, they go to Google. There are million thousand things in the world. It is practically not possible for a man to keep up with everything. Nobody can be updated and in touch with all the topics on any day. Hence, there has to be a service that keeps you updated regarding everything in the world. Google helps perform that service.

Google as a search engine:

A more technical term for that helping service is a search engine. The Search engine is nothing but a form where you can go and get your doubts clarified. When you search for a particular thing on a search engine, it shows you all the possible results that it can find according to your content. You can go through all the relevant results it offers you and select the one that pertains you to the most.

In this article, we will mainly be hovering around the domains of search engine and search engine result pages. We will also be dealing with various algorithms that influence these pages and other unknown hidden features of search engine result pages.

Breaking down SERPs:

SERPs are also commonly known as search engine result pages. Search engine result pages are displayed on the search engine after you search for a particular topic. The topic or word you may type might be present in various articles on different topics. Hence, the search engine weighs and compares all the topics based on their relevance to filter out the search you want.

The result with the most rank order will be presented to you. You can choose the one from those that you relate to the most.

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Variety in the market:

There are many search engines. Some of these just for the namesake are Bing and yahoo. Some others are also available. What is the most popular of all of them is Google.

Area of uses:

The search engine can be used and accessed by absolutely everyone. But their primary use is done by people who rely on working based on Search Engine Optimisation. SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a tactic used by various companies to achieve their goal in a limited time. Since the market has become a competitive space to survive in,

search search engine optimization techniques are used to move to the top.

Working of the search engine result pages:

All of these complex calculations are done with the help of an algorithm. This is the Google algorithm changing very frequently. When you have a query and go to the search engine to find an answer, there are a series of processes that go into it before you get your desired result.

Some of these results in the order are mentioned below:

  1. The crawling stage: under this state, the Google software constantly keeps looking out for new content and new web pages that would pertain to your search
  2. The indexing stage involves checking and going through every page content. This includes the written content and the URL of the page, the images, and other media files and information placed inside the page. This is done in a database when a particular search engine user demands information.
  3. The serving stage is the most important stage of all the above. This stage brings about the process’s result presents you with your desired result. Under the serving stage, the search engine various sites and presents The most appropriate one to you based on their ranking order. These ranking orders are based on relevance, topic, detail, and views frequency.
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Research that you post on a Search Engine Optimisation platform goes through all of these three processes before coming to an end.

What are paid results:

Until now, we only knew that we could get a result when posting the query on a search engine platform like Google or Yahoo. I will be looking into the various forms of results. First, we look into the paid form of result. We will also be discussing the functions and in what cases you might get the paid result.

Since nothing comes for free and anything speed has more value and quality, Search Engine Optimisation software compares articles based on their quality and relevance. Generally, the paid articles come first in the ranking of order.

Even before you see free results, you will always find paid results at the top of your page when searching for a query. This might be of any form. They might be from a shopping site, or they might be from an educational site that provides information regarding various topics.

Now there are various paid sites, and there is competition among them. The winner of these is the highest payers to the platform. Those who pay high royalty to the search engine platform bag the highest preference in order.

What are organic results:

We just looked into what were paid results. We will move to another part of the results, known as the organic results. Can you search for any queries? Various things pop up on the search engine platform. When you look below the paid results, you can find other results which do not demand any money from you to access their site. These sites and results are termed organic results.

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Results do not demand any money from the user in exchange for their service. The main difference between the organic and paid results is in their methods of getting the preference ranking order. As mentioned above, the feed results would use the money to change their preferences by organic results using the technique of Search Engine Optimisation to get to the higher ranking.

For Organic results, the sites with higher relevance in search engine optimization would be placed in top Orders and presented to users compared to their competitors.

How to improve your rankings:

As mentioned above, if you wish to perform well in the search engine results pages to primary, you must be very good with your tactics in Search Engine Optimisation. How to go about doing this. There are various methods to do this. People might use the help of advertisements and commercials because they get a lot of references. They also do Business and hence would come in good ranking. You can also keep up your ranking with the help of the keyword game. Selecting a good keyword and placing it at various places on your website can help you pop up in the Search Engine Optimisation look. So when the various stages of the search engine results pages are conducted to provide the most relevant results, your site would be chosen.


The above article explains the working of Search Engine result pages, commonly termed SEPS. On reading, this may come across as a very complex term. Still, after reading the entire article, you will understand that this is a straightforward process that involves a specific Complex algorithm. Details regarding its working and functioning are given.

The methods and the variety of results they offer are also given above. Engine result pages make your life easier by answering all your queries. Many search engine platforms provide this service. The most common of all is Google and the most efficient one.