How to Promote your Website with Social Media
26 Jan

How to Promote your Website with Social Media

By admin

How to Promote Your Website on Social Media

For anyone running a business today, one of the most important tools that you can have is a quality website. With a good website, you have the potential to advertise your business far and wide. It allows you to get a lot of work done in a short space of time, meaning that you can easily and simply adjust and improve your long-term performance. If you want to promote your website accordingly, though, you need to find the right places to promote it.

For example, social media is easily one of the best places to start out with website promotion, research from Euro Millions through their “internet in real time” graphic shows just how big these platforms are.  To do that right, you need to know where to start. Let’s take a look, then, at the important ways that you could use your social media platforms to help advertise, promote and expand the quality and scale of your business starting today.

Pick your ideal social media channel

Before you do anything else, though, make sure that you take the time to look at each social media platform. Some industries will perform better on others. For example, a hairdresser, artist or painter/decorator would likely get much more out of their business if they were to advertise on image-heavy social media, such as Instagram.

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However, someone who works in the professional services industry, offering services like accountancy, might find it needlessly tough to get social media traction. Most of the time, they would find that their best bet of finding success would simply be to turn to using social media to find clients on platforms like LinkedIn.

This allows you to really start making some significant business contacts, ensuring that you have all the help that you need to grow yourself as a person and as a professional, maximizing your reach and opportunity.

Not every business is going to benefit from using the same resources as one another. If you keep that in mind, it soon becomes much easier for you to make intelligent calls about how you will advertise your business. What, though, are some useful ways to build your social media profile?

Start offering help on social media groups

If you were to go onto Facebook or LinkedIn, you would find all manner of discussion groups under the relevant Groups section. this allows for you to easily find discussion groups and chatrooms whereby people are helping each other in their own profession.

So long as you have some kind of valuable advice to offer, you should be able to easily come to the individual and offer advice. If you are able to offer insightful input into the group, solving a problem for someone without asking for payment or anything in return, you have just created a very positive impression of your business in a short space of time.

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This is going to really make a big difference to how you find new customers. People are naturally attracted to the kind of businesses who are happy to help them solve problems cash-free.

Create useful videos

Without doubt, one of the most effective tools that you could use if you wish to make your business stand out properly is that of video creation. A good quality video will do a lot for your credibility. It’s also very easy to digest, share and interest the right kind of people. While the written word will always have its place in society, the ease of which we can pick up on videos and start learning is incredible.

Someone can easily click on your short video and watch it in far less time than it would take to read an article of the same size. As you might imagine, too, it can be easier to make your point in a video. Aided by illustration and other tools, this can help you to create really useful and professional video content in a short space of time, boosting visibility. Simply share them on YouTube etc. and you will be able to start really bringing in regular new readers and visitors to your site.

Best of all? A video allows you to really make sure that there are no crossed wires or uncertainties moving forward with the content you provide.

Jump on Hashtags

One of the best ways to get noticed in the ever-widening world of social media is to use hashtags. With the help of a hashtag, you can immediately find relevant people who are talking about something that you could contribute on.

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Let’s say that you ran a business which dealt with security. If a particular news event was to happen, you could easily use the relevant hashtag to then search for people on sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to find out what they think of the issue. Then, you simply need to give them some useful information or start a discussion, and you’ll have potentially gained a new follower – or maybe even a new client.

Create social media promo codes

One of the best ways to get present customers and clients to follow you on social media is to offer a social media specific discount code. Something like 15% off if they follow you on Twitter, with the code e-mailed to them via Direct Message as soon as they follow you. It’s a good little tool for making sure that you can swell your list of followers, all the while offering them something worthwhile in return.

Be yourself

Lastly, the great power of social media for a business today is that it allows you to simply be yourself. Instead of having to act like another person, you can add a human element to your business. people prefer to work with a business that is a bit more open-minded and real, so if you can show people who you are and what it is that you do, then you will be much more likely to gain their attention.

Show yourself as more than just a logo and a sales pitch, and social media can really work in your benefit.