Questions You Need to Ask an SEO Agency before Hiring
25 Oct

Questions You Need to Ask an SEO Agency before Hiring

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Search engine optimization [SEO] is an ever-ending practice, with continuous algorithms updates by search engines for optimum user experience. While keyword density equations and quick backlinks alone was once quite sufficient, modern SEO is more complex than that. Currently, SEO is an integrated holistic digital marketing strategy that can define the success of a company when properly used.

In these modern times, it is essential that backlinkshold engaging content, top-notch influencer marketing, and a reasonable percentage of PR. Fundamentally, a keyword strategy should be well researched,  and have an in-depth knowledge of Google’s rankings. To fully realize this, most companies hire SEO experts, more so, professional SEO agencies.

However, teaming up with the right SEO agency is can be a daunting experience. For a head start, consider the following questions and the subsequent reasons to each of them to find an adept SEO agency that will give you the desired results:

1.     How will you improve our SEO rankings?

Every SEO agency will use different SEO strategies to improve your SERP rankings. Basically, how an agency improves the rankings mostly depend on on-site optimization, website engagement, and social media marketing.

Still, some agencies will show up with some shady strategies that could potentially ruin you. Some agencies use techniques such as Private Blog Network link building, paid links, and ghost keyword stuffing which kills a site in search rankings. Google is very keen with its service, and immediately removes sites from Google search results when they engage in some of these shady techniques.

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An agency that does not give a clear answer to this question or one that offers ultra-cheap SEO solutions is a clear red flag. An agency has to provide precise tactics they plan to use to increase your search results. Failure to this, you will be in for a big disaster.

2.     How will you optimize our content?

“Content is King” is probably the most common buzz phrase in SEO.

This is actually true because content is very important in SEO. When choosing an SEO agency, find out how they are going to enhance your content. Ask these questions:

  • How do you optimize content and why is it imperative?
  • Will you use our existing content or will you be creating a new copy?
  • Will you create new landing pages as part of the contract?

3.     Can I see some of your case studies?

A reputable SEO agency should willingly share a brief list of former clients and their contact information. Look at the reviews and testimonials.

Be wary of an agency that fails to provide this information as it is a clear sign that they are not a legitimate business.

4.     Do you follow Google’s best practices?

It is fundamental to choose an agency that adheres to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

These are guidelines developed by Google to explain what is right and wrong in SEO. Google uses algorithms such as panda to penalize on-page violations and Penguin for off-page violations.  In other terms, these rules are called “white hat” and “black hat.”

Google penalties hit your traffic hard and can years to correct the penalty. You ultimately end up losing so much money on revenue and it is for this reason that it is crucial to find an agency that will use the “white hat” SEO tactics.

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5.     How do you measure the success of the SEO campaign?

Different agencies will measure SEO differently. One way to measure success is through improved Google rankings. Ranking software such as Pro Rank Tracker can effectively measure the success of the campaign. However, it is important to keep in mind that organic rankings take time to improve and success takes a long term point of view.

6.     How will you keep me informed of the changes you make to our website?

SEO will definitely require a few changes to the existing web page coding. Thus, you will need to give the agency some access to your website. That said, ensure that you hire an agency you can trust.

A good SEO agency will send regular reports on any changes. The agency should provide detailed logs of any changes made. Also, these changes need to be tracked.

SEO is a long-term investment that takes months to see results. This is why shady agencies get away with incompetence because they are not discovered for many months.

These among other questions will help you weed out these agencies and ensure you find SEO experts who can deliver.