Best Mobile App Trends in 2019 and Onwards
22 Jan

Best Mobile App Trends in 2019 and Onwards

By admin

Smartphones are one of the most important figures we hold daily. We use them as alarm clocks and music player. We use multiple platforms through smartphones for messaging; such as the antique “Short Message Service” (SMS), Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc. We use them to read, daily news, watch videos through various platforms like YouTube, check Emails, and accomplish many other tasks. In short, we need our phones in every single moment while awake. This extended use of phones has made ways for developmental trends and new ideas.

The phase of accessing net has been changed swiftly from the vintage usage of PCs and Laptops to Mobile. Smartphone users have been increased in billions worldwide and will keep on increasing at a stretch. We are all accustomed to the mobile application culture. Moreover, apps have become another source for generating revenue; and by the year passes, they are expected to generate increasingly more revenue globally. Following years, we will either experience brand new and innovative mobile application development trends and/or dynamic updates from those we are already using. Fan users of augmented and virtual reality have already experienced the thrill.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMP (application mobile pages) listings have been incorporated in Google already in past 2016; since the year, developers have never looked back. It is a simplified version of HTML. Developers use it to create a better user experience. It helps resolve restricted access and moreover boosts the overall performance. This feature is due to staple in the upcoming years.

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AI and Machine Learning

In today’s digital age, artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning have shoved their heels deeper into mobile applications. Both are the most important part of mobile apps and cannot be separated; Siri is one of the prime proofs of this. The never-ending demand for machine learning and artificial intelligence in terms of chatbots and virtual assistance is what we all are looking for, and the coming years will bring to us.

IoT & Wearable Devices

Today’s trend is and will be looking forward to creating apps compatible with wearable devices; like smartwatches. As of now, fitness and horology are the most usual industry looking towards smartwatches. But, it has been said that big wheels dealing in online restaurant search, taxi booking, etc. have now started investing in wearable application development. Moreover, the upcoming years will bring in more gadgets like fitness bands, movement trackers, watches with current temperature, and more.


Chatbot market has experienced huge growth from 2016 and has now become a key part of the digital reality. In fact, Chatbots have become virtual assistance within various Mobile Apps. The innovations in AI have made the job easy to integrate chatbots within Smartphone apps without the involvement of complex coding. Today, Chatbots have become the newest way of extending Customer Relationship Management.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

AR and VR are believed to reap over billions in revenue within the upcoming years. Developers will now have to create breathtaking apps in AR and VR. Moreover, with the congruent hardware making its place in today’s digital market, we will experience new and innovative apps in the coming years.

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Payment Gateways

Smooth and Reliable Payment methods are what we all look for in every app we use. A significant change has been experienced in the ways highly preferred to shop. Most of us now prefer to use digital currencies, debit & credit card, and mobile wallets, rather than paying out for everything in cash. Since mobile commerce has become the most preferred shopping source businesses are now provoked to create great applications integrating reliable and smooth payment gateways and mobile wallets. The best example for this is Amazon Pay, PayPal, Google Wallet, etc. The online payment methods have become far more secure than before and will be Staple in the years ahead.

Cloud Integration

More businesses will be seen investing in Cloud Integration. People are now able to understand the benefits of cloud computing and integration. It took time but the world has now opened its eyes. Streamlining operations, cost-effective hosting, enhanced storage, a better loading facility, and increased user retention are some of the advantages of creating mobile applications over Cloud.

App Security

As we know, there is nothing new here. But, with the past hacking and security lapses experienced within many applications, developers in the future will be investing more in the security. The geniuses will need to put their best efforts to pull down the uncertainties around mobile apps.

Predictive Analytics Influencing Mobile UI / UX

Most apps have become an important part of our workflow. World giants like Apple and Google have already started using AI to get predictive analytics and boost the customer journey across UI/UX for their applications. What’s more, the future is all set to experience the innovation in this area.

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Summing UP

We just cannot emphasize enough about the future of Smartphone Apps appropriately, given how the trend of has captivated users worldwide since the past few years. As we enter in another year, excitement and curiosity in the genius brains will create the innovation in developing the apps.