Native App Development vs. Hybrid App Development
07 Feb

Native App Development vs. Hybrid App Development

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The biggest growth observed in website traffic to 52.2% in the year 2018. Due to the strong growth of the smartphone market share in past years, as shown in the graph below.

Regardless of your purchasing power, the cost-effective availability of smartphones with various brands and enhance dependency in order to perform the daily activities, it makes the great difficulty for the developers “how to choose between Native Mobile App Development and Hybrid App Development”.

Before to come on the brief comparison, we have to understand what is actually Native App Development and Hybrid App Development:

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Importance of UI/UX in Mobile App Development:

Before to drill down the Native & Hybrid App development platforms, the prime foremost aspect we have to consider for mobile application development is “your customer”.

In overall tech World, the customer is least concerned and don’t have the great awareness about the technology or the platform that power the app they are using.

All the user are normally less concerned about what they have to do with the app rather than what goes into making them. With these evidences we can drive results, the user experience and user is the key aspects for any mobile ap development project.

It is proven study that user do not use mobile app if they found poor user experience.

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What is Native App Development:

A native mobile app is either a mobile or web application program which is created for use in only single particular platform or device, like Android, iOS, BlackBerry or Windows.

A native app is specially made and coded for a respective mobile platform only in its native programming language –

iOS (Objective-C or Swift)

Android (Java, Kotlin)

Windows Phone (C#)

With respect to the platforms there are the different guidelines and developers need to stick to them as they totally differ in typography, graphic styles, gestures, visual effects, data entry etc.

What is Hybrid App Development?

A hybrid is develop as a single app but you can use it on multiple platforms like Android, iPhone, and Windows.

The key advantage of hybrid app is that it can work on many platforms like iOS, Android, Windows etc.

In nutshell, the hybrid applications is the combination of both native apps and web apps combined together.

They look and run like a native application but are actually execute by the company website. As it is web based program because it is created with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. It has to put in a native app shell and connected to the device hardware.

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Key Merits of Native App Development

The coding is require for different platforms using different programming language specific to each operating system in order to develop the native mobile app.

In that way we have each single application will have different versions or in another words it specially made for each platform. As it develops specific for operating system so it runs smoothly over it.


As it developed separately as well as optimized for iOS or Android OS so we can expect the better results in speed and performance tests.

In native app development, it becomes so easy to implement gestures support for the app and integrate new functions.

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User Experience:

Your app will not get deleted immediately after installing them if it contains a good impression in terms of user experience and that is a very important factor at all.

You will find the good and even much better user experience in terms of better scrolling, specific gesture recognition, profound effects and animations, much more appealing elements and so on.

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Data Protection:

Full efficiency of hardware resources is require in order to protect your data and to do that the native app development is better choice for you.


It is very easy with native app to integrate with the camera, GPS, calendar, microphone, and other functions of the smartphone. But it becomes very difficult with in hybrid app development because you have great limitations while constructing the interface because one single app will be used on multiple platforms.


We have the great variations in screen sizes for all android devices available in the market so only native app development is the answer for layout adjusting specifically on each of them.

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Demerits of Native App Development

Development Time

It is a clear reality that native app development require more time to develop as compared to hybrid apps.

The reason is that from creation to development phase he design for every device dimensions like numerous varieties of android, iPhones, tablets etc. takes longer to complete the app.

Development Cost:

In all over the world, the app developers have specialization either in a single platform, be it iOS, Android or may be other.

But to develop a native app, you must require a great development team as the platforms you want the app to be created on. Multiple project team will tends to increase more development cost. In addition, if you require any maintenance in future after the complete project delivery, the cost will applied more due to the larger team members rather than solely android

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Advantages of Hybrid App Development

Low Cost of Development

If you have the budget-centric approach, the app development cost occurs only once and you don’t need to hire for each platform such as Android, iOS, Windows and don’t need to hire the entire team of developers.


According to the technical aspects the hybrid apps same as web apps as its incorporation in a native shell, so its content can easily be updated as many times as you need or want. So, prefer hybrid apps as its have a low maintenance cost.

Fewer Time Requirements to Market

Suppose that you have unique creative idea to design an app as well as there is a high competition in the market. If some entrepreneur picks the same idea and then launch same app before you so what will happen? Definitely they will have a great market share before the launching of your app.

In that case you have to introduce your app to the target audience as quickly as possible. If that’s the case, then you should go for Hybrid App.

Demerits of Hybrid App Development

The hybrid app has an extra layer in between the source code and the target mobile platform, more particularly the hybrid mobile framework. As a result, the hybrid app’s performance becomes down.


As an extra layer requires for hybrid app development between the source code and the target mobile platform, the developers have a great playground without introducing any new bugs in the app in the targeted operating system.

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User Experience:

In comparison with native app development, the great hurdle is to maintain a proper user experience between the Android and iOS app. In such a tuff situation, if you focus more on iOS then the user experience would become worse for Android users and vice versa.