The Logo Design Mistakes that will kill your business in front of your eyes
05 Feb

The Logo Design Mistakes that will kill your business in front of your eyes


Designing a logo is a tedious task. And if in that small window of opportunity, you miss the chance to impress your visitor it will cost you some business.

Sometimes it is not the huge things that make people upset from your brand logo, it is those small unconscious mistakes that you make while designing the logo.

You might be asking, is there a way to build a website free of mistakes?

Not at all. But what you can do is to minimize the probability of making these mistakes which are usually ignored.

If people are not attracted towards your company logo, it means something is wrong in it.

The core of any business is to make a sale.

While designing the logo it is important to keep in mind that visitors will build an image in their mind regarding your brand by the logo.

For that purpose, they visit your website, and if your website frustrates them, it means they will move to the next best website.

Mostly, there are just few mistakes which act as a culprit and distract the user.

If you can successfully eliminate those culprits, there will be no barrier between visitor and your business.

Without any delay let’s dive into some common logo design mistakes that can lose your potential customers.

The image takes a century to load

With human attention less than 8 seconds, there is no way your visitor will stick for the whole website to load over 2 minutes.

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Just like the evolving technology, people are hard-wired to switch between websites to resolve their problem. Ensure that the logo is properly optimized so that it doesn’t take a lot of time to load.

A Plethora of Shapes

As a website usability expert, I understand that excessive pictures drive people away.

There is no harm in giving as many product pictures as you can, but if you’re planning to hit your users with a lot of shapes on the logo, there is a good chance that people will not be able to create one image for your brand.

The less shapes will help the users focus on the important stuff – the product itself.

If there is a need of using more shapes, make sure that all the shapes are similar or create a link between them all.

Being Lazy enough to follow the design trend

If you’ve subscribed to a logo design agency blog, you’ll know that every custom logo design agency does a lot of research and post logo design trends every year.

There is no harm in sticking to some basic elements that are working for your brand.

But if you want to stay ahead of your competitors, it’s necessary to follow the trend and evolve as per the liking of your customers.

Just like every other field, in logo design industry there are themes, certain generalized elements that are common and use don’t want to see anything off from the usual.

Image of company is not clear

When users don’t find the thing that they are looking for, or even if they like something and face some issue while placing order on your website they look some link in the logo.

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I don’t know why website designers make this mistake of ignoring the fact that a logo will create an image of company on the user.

Never ever make the user struggle in finding the meaning of the symbols and colors in the logo. Keep everything right in front.

The best approach is to show everything as transparent as possible. No need to go for complexity.

Eliminate the ‘Now What’ mentality

Every user on your website is looking for something.

Either they want to buy a product or a service.

If your website is good they will find what they’re looking for and purchase right away.

But if the website is complex it will be difficult for the user to find their product or even search for it.

And even if the users found the product they often find it impossible to go through that lengthy shopping cart experience.

Don’t let the users assume anything on your website.

When the users come on your website they should know what the logo means. No need to drive users crazy by make them think.

No one likes to assume things while they are looking for solutions to their problems.

Over to you

If you feel you are creative and can design your logo on your own then you can use any of the online logo maker tools.

To design is logo is easy. To drive sales is hard. And if you don’t know why the sales are not coming, it is even harder to resolve the issue.

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Or, if you want to learn in-depth about creating logos using Adobe Illustrator, sign up for a face-to-face Illustrator training.

The above-mentioned tips are not just random tips, they are cherry-picked form experts who thought it is wise to educate the website owners on what can go wrong while designing a logo.

You cannot ignore these mistakes. These are mistakes which can cost your business some customers. If you carefully monitor the analytics of your business, you will realize when the traffic starts dropping.