WordPress ‘Hacks’ to Make a Difference in 2019
14 Jan

WordPress ‘Hacks’ to Make a Difference in 2019

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How to Speed up Your WordPress Site (Ultimate 2019 Guide)

Are you that ‘wise’ entrepreneur, who has handpicked the distinctive platform of WordPress for the functioning of own ‘e-existence’?

This has been and continues to remain as one of your finest commercial decisions for securing the flourish and scaling up of proprietary domain, since –

  1. The module supports the construction and operation of around 80 million websites across the borders, which represents about one third of the total no of portals prevailing
  2. There remains the guarantee of ranking high at Google’s Search Engine Result by banking upon WordPress as it perfectly attunes your domain with more than 90% of Google’s crawl bot criterions
  3. Landing pages built over WordPress are accessed by more than 410 million online consumers by a daily routine
  4. It champions flawless operation of about 15% of present-age top 100 websites, inclusive of famous e-commerce and news portals
  5. According to the survey of a much popular wordpress development singapore house, search frequency for the definite key-phrase ‘WordPress’ is more than 3 million per month
  6. On a broader spectrum, Google generates over 600,000,000 results for inquires relevant or associated with the platform
  7. The perk of translation is offered in 62+ languages permitting a website to authentically ‘go global’
  8. Built-in plug-in module comprises of around 50,000 free-of-cost plugins, amidst which 19 remain the top choice of 5million+ international sites; this plug-in system’s upscale quality allows to customize your site’s operation at a value much lesser than custom-made web development
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Therefore, heightens the potentiality of your business to accomplish more repute, acquire heightened numbers of long-term clients and earn well-enough revenue by a steady pace.

But, is your built-over-WordPress domain fine-tuned with the some of the trending best practices devised by the ‘titan’ CMS platform to enrich site functionality and resultant User Experience (UX) in 2019?

If not, then it is ‘the very hour’ to learn about them and be equipped to out beat rivals, as arrives the new year.

What Inherently Offer These Trends?

As depict the experts of Vision Web Creations, one celebrated wordpress development Singapore establishment, WordPress’s latest 4.9.8 edition is all about catering the maximum possible productivity to both the business and consumers.

Each ‘modernized’ tool, plug-in, template and add-on integrated to this contemporary module is dedicated to make your site functionality flawless, futuristic and aligned with the ongoing market vibe.

And every new development that the 4.9.8 version comprises endeavors to serve you with two prime perks – be compatible with latest SEO criterions and get attuned with the current digital marketing rules. Gratifying the ‘smart’ requisites of today’s customers too prevails as a principal motto.

By the perspective of another internationally acclaimed word press web development company, easiness, sleekness and dynamism dwell as the three main pillars of this edition. This up-to-date platform endows each existing site with –

  1. Trouble-free editing of the coding configuration
  2. Heighten own usability benchmark by a clutter-free but rich maneuver
  3. Perfectly upgrade, expand and evolve at par with business’s scalability
  4. Effortless management of the theme and plug-in modules
  5. State-of-art customization by the easiest and savviest of style – at a negligible price consumption

Such attributes assuredly are making your commercial intellect all the more curious to go at-depth of the 4.9.8 version and recognize, in what exact maneuver, it can benefit your trade- right?

Then engage your mind to what gets narrated below –

Trends That Can Cut The Edge

While ‘X-factors’ of 4.9.8 are authentically multiple, by assessing their ‘role’ in

  • increasing a site’s Google Search Rank
  • arrival of heightened traffic
  • generation of more real-time leads
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Professionals of each well-known wordpress web development company upheld some ‘must to follow’ rules for you to survive and progress within ever-increasing competition at 2019:

Be Simple and Sharp

To arrest the users’ attention, not to confuse ‘netizens’ and let them cherish a smooth and slick navigation – this is your principal aim – isn’t that so?

Then abide by WordPress’s latest benchmark of going junk-free. Remember 8 seconds are all you have to make ‘an impact’ upon the users arriving over your site.

Attempt for a tailor-made web development that is minimalistic in essence, but rightfully mind engaging to view and surf through.

Do away with the distracting pop-ups and plugins and upheld domain’s USPs by a cutting-edge style, which is not ‘too rich and complex’ but understandable and unique.

Also, try to streamline the page module by maintaining fewer numbers of landing pages inclusive of less action buttons. In accordance to veteran wordpress development services, such a feature, in effect, permits you to serve users better and fulfill their needs with heightened attention.

Strategically utilize basic but fine-standard animations for highlighting the contents and most significant Call-to-Action (CTA) keys.

Refined quality animated graphics can also be availed to convey, by a most creative fashion, your brand’s core message to every first-time visiting ‘netizen’.

Get More Interactive

With digitalization influencing more and more aspects of life and consequent increase in the proportion of time global society tends to spend over the World Wide Web, raises the level of expectation from sites prevailing.

Internet being their foremost medium to initiate and end every ‘buying’ and ‘learning’ journey, present-age consumers desire the portals to be the rightful accomplice at each step of this journey.

And to serve to this end perfectly, WordPress lays stress over the Micro-Interaction ‘hack’. Be it a ‘hit’ over a CTA button of yours/completion of an action/form fill-up or a simple ‘Page Refresh’ make sure to respond to those – much like the staffs of a brick-and-mortar would have done.

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In effect emerges your portal as more ‘humane’ and communicative to the online shoppers and they desire to convert as your loyal clienteles.

GIFS, Hover and Scroll Animations, Progress Bars, Intuitive Emojis, Chimes etc prevail as some of the expert-recommended tools for actualizing this distinctive communication.

Go by the Sticky Style

If ‘netizens’ across the world are asked about one website feature that appears to be utmost disturbing, then ‘pop-ups’ appear as the readiest of reply.

These ‘suddenly’ emerging advertisements over the portal’s Visual Interface stand as highly meddlesome and attention breaking during navigation and ‘influence’ users to even leave your site out of agony.

And in 2019, when emphasis is all the more over catering upscale standard and flawless User Experience (UX), ‘pop-ups’ dwell as an absolute ‘no’ for your domain to possess.

Instead, resort to WordPress’s latest Sticky Posts that magnify consumers’ browsing experience at your portal.  You can utilize these exquisite elements for displaying anything from Contact Info to the Social Sharing keys, Content Index to Menu Bars.

The usage of Sticky Headers too are becoming fast popular amongst the famous brands to make sure both of their loyal clients and first-time visitors can accomplish a purpose-oriented browsing with convenience.

The components do not require to be integrated into any ‘view-blocking’ portion of your site and can be most strategically placed at the top and bottom of your ‘pages’ – thereby driving sure attention towards them.

At par with experts, when deployed tactically, Sticky Posts can enact as perfect guide to your users channelizing them to your product/services pages, communication platform, social sharing widgets etc.

Give What ‘Netizens’ Expect by–

  • Serving with Web Push Notifications
  • Attuning Content with Revolutionary-style Video Headers
  • Prioritizing over Mobile-Compatible Themes
  • Opting for Video Backgrounds
  • Using Bright Templates and Perfect Combination of Color Medley that suits your brand value

Avail The Real-Time Effective and Latest Plugins Like –

  1. Pretty Links (Give a Clean Look to Every URL Added to Your Site)
  2. Optimole (Auto Optimization of Uploaded Images)
  3. Revive Old Posts (Easy Distribution of Older but Effective Content across Social Media)
  4. Broken Link Checker
  5. CoSchedule (State-of-Art Calendar for Perfect Content Planning)

‘Words’ of appreciation do shower upon your portal and arrives greater quotient of profit, when you adhere to WordPress’s ‘at-this-moment’ practices.

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