4 Best Tools to Improve Your SEO Ranking
22 Jan

4 Best Tools to Improve Your SEO Ranking

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Creating original content is one of the most significant tasks you will undertake after forming your website. You want your site to get the most clicks, and it is essential to choose the right words and phrases that will assist you in achieving this goal. The keywords hold utmost importance as you use them in blogs, tags, and even Meta descriptions.

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Choosing the right words do matter the most, if you want quick results and make your website more effective. The only way to remind people what your website is about, what you are about and what your site sells is by choosing the keywords that explain it clearly and are popular across search engines. If you don’t select the appropriate keywords, you will end up revising the blog or your webpage multiple times before getting it right.

Search engine optimization is a marketing tool that focuses on growing your visibility and presence on multiple search engines. SEO includes the creative and technical details required to divert traffic to your webpage. After all, that’s the whole purpose of creating a webpage.

Choosing the right keywords and phrases can be the key to success for your webpage. Therefore, you must research the words that get the most clicks. Always be on the lookout to optimize your content on the page. An effective way of doing this is by creating internal links on your websites that will give clicks on your web pages. Moreover, after you publish your site, it is essential to building backlinks to your webpage by using keywords.

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Google offers services for checking the performance of your webpage and how it’s performing against its competition. You can use the Google services before publishing the webpage to find out the keywords that will get you visitors and boost your performance. Not only that, but you will also be able to monitor the page’s performance after publishing it. This is one way to determine the effectiveness of your keywords and the page.

However, things do not always go as planned. You may have worked hard on your SEO performance but still managed to get a lousy ranking when compared to the rest. If you do not have the Google keyword ranking tool, then there are other options that you should consider incorporating into your workflow.


Authority Labs

For starters, this is one of the best and most convenient tools for checking your keywords. It is also an easy way to learn how the Google keyword ranking tool works. This is the most recommended tool for those who have just started to make their webpage matter on the internet.

One advantage you get when using Authority Labs is the option of choosing multiple domains at the same time. This is not the case if you have used any other tools previously. The option lets you check the performance for your multiple websites at the same time. Many companies and people have various sites, checking each one individually can become a major hassle. Therefore, the numerous options ease the workload for you.

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You get options to check the performance on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. According to the search engine of your choice, you will get data for it, and you can make changes to the keywords accordingly.


SEOprofiler is among the most well-organized and most influential of SEO tools. It is very convenient to use, and the results it publishes will significantly help you to understand the performance of your page in detail.

The results display the whole picture about your page and how your page ranks against others. Considered as an excellent option by professionals and novices alike, the SEOprofiler introduces ‘Ranking Opportunities.’ This option is handy if you are satisfied with your keyword performance, but you feel that there is room for you to get better. The tool gives you options and informs about the further actions you can take to optimize your performance further.

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Through this tool, you can also check the performance for every page of your website as to how they appear in the search. You will also be provided with similar information about the competition, which is useful for optimization.


As the name suggests, GeoRanker does an excellent job of providing results that are focused on a particular locale. Many of the SEO tools present don’t offer such an in-depth evaluation of web pages. Even when there is an option to narrow the results to a particular locality, the results focus on the whole search.

GeoRanker gets ahead of its competition and provides data if local SEO is a priority for your page. The results you will see will tell you about the performance in different markets along with which keywords are useful and where.

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The site also gives suggestions to be used for a specific location. The heat map in the results will allow you to evaluate what the keywords are doing. By getting results for every city you want to focus on, you can tweak your page and make your keywords even more effective.


The SERPWatcher tool is very easy-to-use for interpreting the information from search engine results. The results contain minute details like your performance from the day before, how much it has varied over time, the average score for the keywords you have used and also your best rank to date.

Another good quality option that the SERPWatcher gives you is the competitor details and analysis. It provides a detailed report about how your competitor is using the keywords and how is their site being focused through them, and also how many times it has been shared on the internet.

By using these details, you can work your way around your webpage and optimize its performance to beat your competitor.

SEO is all about beating your competitor and coming on top of the search results. It is essential to find ways to use keywords effectively that will help you improve your performance and make you appear higher on search engines.

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