Why Spending Money on a Digital Marketing Course is Worth It
03 May

Why Spending Money on a Digital Marketing Course is Worth It

By admin

You would definitely have heard or seen ads for digital marketing courses in India. Possibly wondered what they are all about. And felt whether spending money on a digital marketing course is worth it.

At the onset, let me assure you, spending money on a digital market course is definitely worth it. For one simple reason: Digital marketing is the fastest growing industry in India and offers promising, lucrative career opportunities.

Facts and Figures

Over a million Digital Marketing jobs will be generated in India by 2022. These will come from the booming ecommerce sector- who will be the largest employer.  

Additionally, ecommerce will enable more than 20 million small enterprises to develop by 2020.

India’s digital economy will exceed the US$1 trillion mark by 2021. Digital Advertising industry in India is growing at a rate of 31.96 percent per annum. This spending will cross Rs.249.2 billion by 2021.

Data analytics industry in India is growing at 33.5 percent per year. Currently, it stands at US$2.71 billion.

Over 321.9 million Indians will be shopping online using mobile phones.

Digital buyers in India grow to 329.1 million by 2020 from the current 273.6 million in 2019

Ecommerce revenue is expected to surge to US$33.26 billion by 2020. It will further increase to US$51.24 billion by 2023.

These figures clearly indicate the scope of digital marketing in India.

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Why Invest in Digital Marketing Course

And here are reasons why spending money or rather investing money on a digital marketing course is worth it.

Long Term Career Prospects

As ecommerce grows in India, the need for digital marketing professionals will increase correspondingly. In simple terms, this translates as career growth combined with financial gains through salary increments, perks and other incentives.

However, to benefit from this rising demand for digital marketing professionals, you need to start now. Investing on a digital marketing course will provide you necessary skills to launch a career provided you choose the course wisely. To flourish, you will have to begin as fresher within the next few months.

It is worth noting that digital marketing is not merely about buying and selling. Online financial transactions, creating brand awareness, data analytics and several other activities form part of digital marketing.

Lucrative Pay Scales

Median annual salary for a digital marketing professional in India is Rs.481.086, including perks, says Payscale.com, a global authority that keeps tabs on wages and payment patterns worldwide.

Understandably, this figure can vary drastically considering a fresher starts with monthly salaries ranging between Rs.10,000 and Rs.15,000, all inclusive. However, in stark contrast, highly experienced digital marketers earns more than a million Rupees annually, says Payscale.com.

Such salaries are rare in most common professions. Hence, spending money on a digital marketing course, which costs about Rs.50,000 for the entire duration, is definitely worth it.

Further, any student that has completed or awaiting results for Higher Secondary Certificate or equivalent can opt for a digital marketing course. And they can get jobs almost immediately after its completion.

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Consequently, such students can work as digital marketers while pursuing higher education. There are immense benefits working while you are a student.

Working with Top Employers

It is myth that digital marketing fresher or professionals work with ecommerce companies only. A search on any good recruitments portal will reveal, digital marketers can also find jobs with banks and financial corporations, healthcare and hospitality sector Central and state governments, transportation, logistics and airlines also rank among other employers of digital marketers.

Spending money on a digital marketing course is worth it because you can land excellent jobs with some of the topmost companies in India. Skills you acquire during such a course can be applied universally. This means, you can find superb jobs abroad too.

Launch Own Enterprise

Also spending money on a digital marketing course is worth it because you can become an entrepreneur. There are two ways to launch own enterprise. A good digital marketing course will equip you for both.

The first is by opening a business that offers digital marketing services to companies. Nowadays, almost every company looks at outsourcing digital marketing services.

The second is by opening own blog and making money from Google AdSense, affiliate marketing and paid reviews. You can read how to open a blog and make money from any good website. Blogging is not as complex as you may believe.

In Conclusion

Very few courses in India offer greater flexibility like digital marketing. Entry to courses is after HSC means you can start earning faster. Also, most courses are of three to six month duration.  Their prices are reasonable. It imparts skills that are expected to remain in demand for several decades. Digital marketing is also a very respected profession in India. And the demand is growing. Hence, spending money on a digital marketing course is worth it.