Seven Ways to Start a Travel Business
11 Feb

Seven Ways to Start a Travel Business

By admin

Indian entrepreneurs are willingly taking risks in different niches and unique industries and markets that can provide them with tremendous potential growth. One such Industry is the Travel Industry. The Travel Industry in India has been seeing an upward trend in the past few years with the prospect of growing even further, and it is an upcoming industry which has been actively creating tonnes of employment opportunities and businesses. Every Entrepreneur has to travel through the journey of transforming their unique and different business idea into a flourishing Business Model. Besides this, each and every entrepreneur has to be conscious of the new ordinances conducting their industry, and its latest trends. One of the most recently added enhancements to the rules and regulations overseeing every industrial sector is the GST (Goods and Services Tax). GST Registration is obligatory for every company irrespective of the company’s niche.

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If you wish to dive head first into the travel industry, here are a few ways to commence your own travel business:

  1. Home-based Travel Business:

If you are a newbie in the travel business, then initiating your business from home will be the correct decision for you. Working from home will grant you not only flexibility but also control your financial investments. With the internet at your availability, you can design and create an attractive website of your own and begin selling travel packages, flight tickets, and also book hotels online to people looking for travel related services.

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You could also utilize the internet, and use online marketing tools such as Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Google Ads to drive more traffic towards your website, creating more possibilities for potential customers, and this will also help build awareness around your brand.

  1. An Independent Travel Agent

If you are an individual who acknowledges the liberty of working alone, then you have a choice of being an independent travel contractor. An independent travel contractor can have his customers list and work beneath the shadow of a well-established travel company. Working as an independent travel contractor has the additional advantage of low monetary investment and professional experience in the industry too.

  1. Franchise

Franchising is one of the forthcoming ways to originate your business on your own. You can acquire the franchise of a well-established tour and travel organization and dive head first into the travel industry. When an individual person acquires a franchise, he relishes marketing as well as financial backing received from the already well-established travel company.  Furthermore, the addition of clients to your list becomes a manageable task, as the firm enjoys an exceptional reputation in the industry. It is one of the best ways to begin your own travel agency.

  1. A Corporate Travel Agency

Many Multi National Companies arrange annual tours for their employees and their families. These tours can be for both professional purposes, and also for recreational purposes.  Such companies mostly wish to work with corporate travel agents without facing any hassle and make bookings in bulk. These corporate travel agents will have the responsibility of looking after the inbound, outbound, and yearly tours that are done by the organization. Maintaining healthy relations with such organizations will help you get great professional experience, as well as help in earning healthy profits.

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  1. A Student Friendly Travel Agency

Nowadays, students from schools and colleges travel overseas for greater educational possibilities from reputable education institutes. Such students continually need the support of an expert who can help these students with all of the formalities associated with traveling abroad. A travel company can help such students with their visa and passport formalities, and their flight ticket bookings.

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Furthermore, schools and colleges also plan trips for the students as industrial visits, and one-day picnics, and even international trips. You could work in cooperation with such educational institutes and earn a reputation in this niche.

  1. A Family Friendly Travel Agency

In recent times, people have started giving more importance to travel and leisure, and plan their vacations and holidays with their families and relatives every year. A travel organization can concentrate and aim at such families and equip these travelers with the best-suited tour options and packages. Any individual, who wishes to work in this particular niche, should have a record of holidays and destinations that are family friendly and are easily accessible.

  1. Pocket-Friendly Travel Services.

Younger people are affectionate of traveling and are always in search of assistance for budget-friendly travel services, and they are still in search for places where they could visit, which are comfortable on the pocket, and are at a short distance. A travel agent can target these budding travelers and help them with their travel plans with packages like camping, trekking and hiking, and other backpacking trips to places like hill stations and other such locations that are close to nature.

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Backpacking is a low-cost form of traveling, that has suddenly started gaining popularity and has become mainstream and trendy. It involves traveling using public transport and non-expensive types of lodging like hostels, and homestays.


When you commence a travel agency, you require taking responsibility for the aspects of the industry. You will have to identify your niche, develop a business plan, procure funding, discover an extraordinary location, and build consumer relationships and legal permissions like registering your business as a Pvt Ltd Company Registration in India, and other such company registrations.

We hope this article presents you the right support for your travel agency. No matter which industry you decide to shine in, it is quintessentially important to abide by the rules and regulations of the country and the industry. is a business service platform committed to accommodating startups & entrepreneurs to start & steadily develop their company at an affordable price. Our company’s mission is to make it simpler and more comfortable for Startups and Small Business owners to begin their Business in India.