SEO Results: Learn How To Measure Them
01 May

SEO Results: Learn How To Measure Them

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The implementation of SEO optimization tools is a fundamental step to keep your website always updated and with the best possible performance. But do you know how to measure the SEO results of your strategy ?

It is common for us to focus on the adaptation and implementation of SEO regulations and to leave aside the importance of being able to measure and analyze their results.

The best way to determine if a strategy is having positive results or not, is by measuring certain indicators that give us part of its effectiveness and to do so there are many options available.

Using various metric measurement tools, we can have the necessary information to know the performance of your website.

This will be the path you must take to develop strategies that allow you to address the flaws or weak points in the structure of your website, to reinforce and consolidate those that generate the best results.

So, if you are not yet familiar with the technique of measuring SEO analysis indicators , there are experts in website optimization you can reach out to. Below are the best keys and tools you can use in optimizing your website.

SEO analysis

The SEO Search Engine Optimization ) is the set of measures we should take to improve the positioning of our website in search engines.

These measures allow us to apply the parameters established by Google to generate quality content , which, added to a better page positioning, will increase our traffic.

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With certain frequency, Google modifies the standards and considerations of SEO analysis, so this process is constantly updated .

However, the characteristics of the optimized content remain the same: that they are of quality, that they are related to the objective of the website and that they are correctly updated.

And although the considerations and techniques of SEO analysis are closely related to the Inbound Marketing methodology , something more important than applying them is knowing how to measure them.

It is of little use to implement a methodology focused on optimizing our website, if we cannot recognize when new strategies are emerging or not. And that’s why depth of SEO analysis is so important.

By knowing how to read and interpret the metrics, we can detect which pages or pillars of our website generate the most traffic, clicks or session duration. 

[Tweet: “By knowing how to read and interpret the metrics, we can detect which pages or pillars of our website generate the most traffic, clicks or session length. ”]

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SEO measurement indicators are very diverse and varied depending on the focus of the analysis that will be given. Here we show you some of the most important.

Most Important SEO Measurement Indicators

  • Keywords: Use of keywords with good search rankings or relevance to web content.
  • Links: The inclusion of internal and external links on the web.
  • CTR: Ratio between the number of web views in the search engine and the number of clicks obtained.
  • Conversion rate: Relationship between website visitors and customers obtained from those visits.
  • Permanence: Duration of the time the user is on the web or a specific page.
  • Bounce Rate: Number of visits that have a permanence rate of less than 1 minute.
  • Loading speed: The time it takes for the page or the web to load on a specific device.
  • Traffic per device: Number of visits segmented by device type.

Keys to a Google SEO Strategy

If SEO strategies were designed to improve the positioning of your website in search engines like Google, it stands to reason that this platform will be the one that can provide us with the best advice.

Google’s website optimizer, Sean O’keefe , published a report where he clarifies what have been the best optimization keys for his websites.

O’keefe acknowledges that the constant changes Google makes regarding SEO measurements can be “confusing” for those looking to perform their analysis, as Google does not offer all the clues to know how its search algorithms work.

But the truth is that each change is specially designed to improve results and be increasingly efficient . So it is worth adopting these parameters.

Thinking about it, we might think that the main keys to Google’s SEO success are based on complicated web optimization strategies, but the truth is very different. According to O’keefe, these are the most important points to consider:

  • Focus on small changes. Rather than developing endless action plans for web optimization, it has been proven that taking small steps achieves the same or better results.
  • Be open to changes. As we mentioned earlier, the functions of search engines are constantly changing, so SEO measurement indicators such as conversion rate or permanence can also vary. Take this as an opportunity to get more information relevant to your website and move on.
  • Consolidate your content. Rather than producing a lot of shallow, baseless content, it creates wide pages and pillars of great content. This will increase the results of the indicators much more and you will notice it in your positioning.

How to Measure SEO Results 

To correctly and efficiently measure the results of your SEO strategy, you just have to have knowledge about the objectives of your website and the actions that were implemented in the last periods of time. Does it sound easy? It is. 

[Tweet: “To correctly and efficiently measure the results of your SEO strategy you only have to have knowledge about the objectives of your website and the actions that were implemented in the last periods of time.”]

An advantage for all of us is that there are many tools and various ways to measure the results of our website and its SEO optimization. In fact, many of them are powered by Google, so we can know that they do work.

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When starting this process, there are several things you should consider. But two of the most important are traffic and comparison .

Comparison to Measure SEO Results

Comparison is the easiest and most effective way to determine if the performance of your strategies is turning out better or worse than before and for this you must use a time scale. 

If your measurement indicators (traffic, for example) fell or rose in the last measurement, it can be due to two causes:

  • Optimization strategies and actions are yielding concrete results to your traffic.
  • You are in a seasonal season of the year that affects the traffic of your website.

This usually happens during some seasons of the year, which influence the behavior of users’ search patterns and therefore are reflected in your traffic.

That is why it is important to manage a time scale and know the indicators that you had at each time of the year. Thus, you will be able to know if the changes in the results were due to your strategy or something foreign to you.

Although there are tool for SEO, variables and indicators that you can use to analyze the results of your SEO strategy, the level of organic traffic is one of the main determinants.

How to Measure Traffic

Traffic is one of the most important measurement indicators, since with it you will be able to know first-hand what the behavior of the users of your website is and if you have indeed managed to have more visits.

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It is an indicator made up of various variables. Each one of them will give you data of interest for various areas of the page structure and so you can know which of them you must address separately.

Indicators to Measure

Despite the fact that all the variables work together to generate the action profile of the users and their interaction with your website, it is important to know and manage them in their entirety, in order to have a more general and comprehensive view of their influence on the analyzes. SEO.

  • Visits or sessions. Every time a user enters your website or a page.
  • Visitors or users. Commonly, the same user generates several visits on the web, so this indicator does not have a strict relationship with the previous one.
  • Pages viewed. The number of pages visited by users.
  • Bounce rate. The percentage of abandonment of the web with only one page viewed.
  • Pages per visit. How many pages do users see in each session.
  • Duration of the visit. How much time do users spend on the web.
  • Events. Interaction of users with the content of the web.
  • Conversions. User actions that contribute to achieving the objectives of marketing strategies.

The indicators will give you quantifiable results that can be measured and compared; But for this, a correct SEO analysis and the variables that will benefit your website must be carried out.

For this we can use various SEO data analysis and processing tools, with which you can have all the data purified to implement it to your strategy .

SEO Results: Analysis Tools

If you have already reached this point in the SEO analysis process, it is time to use a specific tool to help us process the information we have on our indicators.

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The good news is that there is a wide range of free options that you can use to analyze the results of your website. Here we show you some of the most popular ones.

  • SimilarWeb. Take the data from the results of your traffic indicators and present them in a complete report. This gives you information about the duration of visits, bounce rate and much more.

Also, it has an option in which you can segment organic, direct, referral and other traffic.

  • Alexa. It is one of the oldest and best known for web traffic analysis. It offers you data on the local, national and global position of your website, in addition to the keywords with the highest interest rate and that lead users to your website.
  • URL Trends. You can use this tool to obtain demographic data about the users who visit your website, as well as inbound and outbound links. It is free to use.
  • Google Display Planner. This tool indicates the number of web visitors and the profile of each one of them. Also, it shows you the page views and the duration of permanence in each one.

How to Make an SEO Results Report

The final step of SEO analysis is to submit a report with the results. For this, you only have to keep the focus on the metrics of greatest interest for the objectives of your website.

Based on this, it is that you will be able to determine which points will be developed in greater depth in the final report.

It is important to include the base indicators mentioned above, such as the application of links, loading speed and conversion rates and permanence; but also here we suggest other broad indicators that you can also include.

Traffic Sources 

Indicate which are the main sources of traffic that lead users to the web. Thus, you will know which ways you should strengthen and which ones to consolidate.

SEO Results: Direct Traffic

Knowing web traffic is important, but it is also important to know what percentage of that traffic is due to direct searches of our brand and which are not. This helps you to have a global vision of the perception and presence that users of your website have.

Keyword Ranking

The rankings of the keywords no longer have as much weight in the positioning of the web as before, but they are still a good measurement pillar. Especially when we want to define the performance of the content of our landings pages.

Competition Profile 

Comparing our own metrics is essential to determine the performance of our strategies, but we can also do it in relation to our competition.

This is an excellent option to stay current in the presence of users in the market or sector of our website.


Maintaining a correct SEO strategy in the development of our website is essential to guarantee a good positioning in search engines, which translates into more visits and more sales.

However, as much or more important than the implementation of these measures, it is the analysis and processing of the data obtained in order to define what actions we must take to continue on the path of optimization.

The good news at this point is that today we can count on a large number of tools that allow us to have all the information in our hands, for the benefit of our strategies.

With a good management of the SEO measurements of your website, you will be one step closer to success in online positioning.