Local SEO and Its Critical Impact on Business
30 Dec

Local SEO and Its Critical Impact on Business

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most important tool for modern digital marketing because it’s related to almost all other aspects of online marketing directly or indirectly. For example, whether a SERP link leads to a social media page on Facebook or a company webpage, without the right SEO in place, those links would never even make it onto the target customer’s SERPs in the first place.

However, for a majority of businesses, local SEO holds more importance than a general SEO campaign. How critical of a difference localized SEO campaigns can make in such scenarios is exactly what we are going to discuss next.

Relevance: When or Why Local SEO Makes More Sense?

What would a restaurant in Bangkok do with traffic that’s mostly located outside the city? The same would apply to salons, nightclubs and pretty much every other business that operates within a specific geographical limit.

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In fact, most eCommerce websites do not deliver beyond a certain geographical limit either, so even to them, traffic from irrelevant regions would be just that; irrelevant. If you have an online or offline business with local interests primarily, you need a SEO campaign that will be targeted towards the local population specifically.

Is the Location of the SEO & Marketing Agency Important?

Search engine optimization and productive marketing is highly dependent on figuring out the right keywords and marketing tactics that would work in a certain demographic. Therefore, for marketing and SEO in Thailand, working with a local marketing agency that knows and understands the regional details better, will definitely improve your conversion rates.

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Local SEO is More Vast than Most Businesses Realize

Local search engine optimization means that your SEO efforts are limited within a certain geographical boundary. What it doesn’t mean, however, is that the business has to be located within the same target locality. For example, nightclubs in Bangkok will often market to the US territories, because that’s where a majority of their foreign guests originate from.

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The idea is to find a target audience within a certain demographic and then engineer your entire SEO campaign towards finding and converting from there. Tech solutions and cloud based business tools are used by pretty much the whole modern world, so they do not have a limited customer base. However, if you check, AWS doesn’t market their services in the same way in Europe, as they do in North America.

Cheaper and More Effective

Last but not the least, a localized SEO campaign will be much cheaper and effective simultaneously, as compared to a widescale, universal SEO & marketing strategy. If a strategy can help a business see better conversion rates at a lower investment, wasting financial resources on getting traffic that cannot be converted is unwise and counterproductive.

As should be clear by now, the impact of local SEO on business revenue generation is quite direct. Meaningful, targeted traffic leads to better conversion rates, which is why the effects of a successful localized SEO & marketing campaign is immense.