How Uber-Like Taxi Dispatch Software Is Critical To Engage The Driver
05 Jan

How Uber-Like Taxi Dispatch Software Is Critical To Engage The Driver

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Uber has made great strides forward and tasted the huge success by introducing the concept of e-hailing in the taxi industry. The people warmly-cuddled Uber not because it made the taxi-hailing easier, while it’s due to the technology that they leveraged, which is in the hands of every citizen that’s- Smartphone.

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Offering the seamless user experience with Uber-like app development for the passengers is not enough, focusing on another group of stakeholders that’s- drivers are equally important that contributes a ton in enhancing the passengers’ experience. Having the right driver network and the right technology in place plays a vital role in satiating the passengers because the company cannot serve the passengers without drivers.

In a nutshell, the drivers stay at the heart of the taxi dispatch software, so it’s all-imperative to equip them with the necessary tools and resources in order to let them perform their duty efficiently. But, even after building a custom taxi solution like Uber, the taxi companies fail to stand up to the driver’s expectations and meet their needs.

So how uber is still successful in engaging the drivers alongside operating a huge fleet and providing the unmatched services. The answer is they filled the void spaces with technology, and by doing so, the taxi companies can also win the drivers.


Take a look at how taxi dispatch software with driver-friendly features can fulfill the standard requirements of the drivers and enable the company to hold a tight grip on them:  

  • Don’t reinvent the wheel behind the wheel

Previously, the drivers cannot earn to their peak efficiency due to the inability of the taxi companies to check the driver’s availability in the real-time and have lack of information about the nearby passengers who are looking for the ride.

With taxi software deployment, the drivers will get the booking requests for the rides that are in close proximity with respect to their location. The request for the taxi booking will be sent to the drivers only when they are available, and the drivers update their availability by getting online or offline.

Also, the drivers can receive and accept the new trip requests on the way when they are already carrying out another trip or when they are returned from the latest trip that helps the drivers make the most out of their rides. The intelligent algorithms allow the drivers to not wait for accepting the next booking request unless they complete the latest booked ride, which increases their productivity and profits.

  • Avail the GPS technology

No matter how good knowledge the drivers have about the streets of the local area, but they cannot reach the pick-up point or find the optimal route easily and quickly.

In taxi dispatch solution, with GPS integration, the drivers will get the necessary assistance all the time. The drivers can see the passenger’s location and destination to drop, and then find the best route to reach the pick-up point and drop off the passengers on the fly. It enables the drivers to complete the ride with minimum petrol or gas consumption.

  • A glance at the performance

With rate and review feature in the taxi dispatch application, the drivers will get the insights into the services they provide. The passenger feedback lets them aware of the weak points so that the mistakes made in the past should not be repeated in the future rides and their overall performance can be improved.

  • Instant notifications

When the booking request came from the passengers, then prior-booking request acceptance, the journey details are notified to the drivers with notifications. When they accept the ride request, then also they are informed with ‘Booked ride’ message. In the event of ride cancellation by the passengers, the drivers will get the alerts immediately.

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The in-app notifications keep the drivers stay updated and engaged with the latest information so that their productivity won’t get hurt.

  • Direct communication with the passenger

The robust mapping service with GPS technology definitely assists the drivers to locate the pick-up point, but in some cases, connecting with the passengers becomes important to reach the location precisely. Also, at times, when the driver stuck in the traffic jam, then notifying the client for the same becomes vital.

The taxi solution resolves the issue with the in-app calling feature that allows the drivers to directly contact the passengers by calling them. In the in-app calling feature, the passenger’s contact numbers should be masked to ensure privacy.

  • Make the payment hassle-free

The drivers often struggle at the end of the journey in making the passengers pay the complete fare, as many passengers disputes on the fares.

The taxi application comforts the drivers and passengers by providing the details of fare even before the journey starts. The automatic fare calculation is done with the help of GPS where the cost of every mile traveled, in addition to toll tax, waiting charge, and the rental charge is computed and then displayed. Also, the surge in the price during the Holiday season, peak hours, or traffic congestion is informed to the passengers. At the end of the ride, the e-receipt is sent to the passenger to make the payment.

Taking a step ahead, the plethora of the payment options that allow the passengers to pay for the ride in any way- cash, credit card, debit card, Apple pay, Google Pay, PayPal, or other are offered to make the payment friction less.

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It frees up the drivers from doing the manual fare calculation, eliminates the stress of carrying huge cash or get unpaid for the ride, and saves a lot of time.

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