Grocery Delivery Business under Low Investment
11 Jan

Grocery Delivery Business under Low Investment

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There are many people who want to start their own business but are unaware regarding the investment. People do not know how much to invest to start a grocery delivery business? In this blog, you will be exploring the ideas to start grocery delivery business on a low budget.

As every person is getting busy in their day to day life, they are even ignoring the traditional way of shopping too. Visiting stores and picking up a thing of our own choice was one of the loveliest things about shopping. However, now it seems all the stores are becoming customer less. It means that physical stores have become a place just for window shopping. People now consider purchasing each and everything from online stores. Online stores have become a new trend as well as a new place to purchase things. Here, people get everything in discount; there is no chance of item or product unavailability. Not one or two, there are hundreds of online store where people can find things that they require.

While purchasing groceries was also fun but now the concept of on demand grocery delivery apps like Instacart has changed the game. Consumers find purchasing groceries from grocery delivery apps much more beneficial than purchasing it from a grocery store. As a business, grocery delivery is one of the most profitable businesses to start. Many people consider it to be a huge investment business but actually, it is not.

Let’s see how it is a low investment business?

Low Investment Business Startup

For starting a grocery delivery business, you do not require a huge investment. It is not mandatory that you should own a physical grocery store to start an online grocery delivery business. It’s a complete myth, all you require is one warehouse to store all the grocery items or products safely. If your home is big enough that has some free rooms, you can even store the groceries in there. Simply take orders and deliver the groceries to your customer’s location.

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If you don’t want to be an independent grocery seller then be the middleman. Purchasing groceries from food delivery app like Instacart has become a trend. You just have to do a partnership with all the local store owners and then list all the menus of those grocery stores in your app. Take orders through your grocery delivery app and deliver the groceries to your customer’s location.

No need to hire staff

You only want two things initially, an Instacart clone and a warehouse to store groceries. If you have these two things, you do not require any staff to deliver groceries. Let your business be an open source, let delivery people be your partners too. The higher is the number of delivery people in your service, the higher will be your profit index.

You don’t have to hire any staff as a deliverer; your on demand grocery delivery app is a platform that will automatically get you the delivery people in very less time.

Make it into a pool

Why would you want to restrict your services to a handful of resources when there are so many options available? You can easily turn your application into a simple platform for a whole lot of grocery shops in your area.

All of them can register into your app and then showcase their goods there. When a customer logs into your app, they can select the store, pick the items they want, add them to the cart, checkout and place order and finally make the payment for it.

You app can assign a delivery driver who can pick up the grocery from the store and then deliver it to the mentioned address. Each time your app is used to make a delivery for grocery, you will enjoy a commission.

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How do you earn in such a business model?

As an application owner, you basically function like a middleman or a platform. So, you help grocery shops increase their sales while assisting customers find and shop for groceries easily.

You get a convenience charge. The beauty of this app based grocery delivery platform is that you can decide how much commission is it that you want to charge per delivery.

Since you will be the admin of the site, you decide a set percentage of the charges that you levy and the app will automatically calculate and add that amount to your account.

You can keep this amount as variable. This means that you can initially set the value as low and then gradually increase the percentage based on how the business is going.

Grocery Delivery App Solution

It is true that you don’t have to invest much in starting a grocery delivery business. All you require is one Instacart clone app as a platform to take grocery delivery orders. Contact an experienced app developing company and get the best grocery delivery app solution.

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