Generate More Conversion Rate Through Social Media in 2019
17 Jan

Generate More Conversion Rate Through Social Media in 2019

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Best Ways to Generate More Conversion Rate Through Social Media in 2019


It is evident that social media is the best tool out there to increase your conversions. The majority of the people are using social media for everything today so you can use that to your advantage and strategically play to your strengths. There are many tips you can use to optimize your presence on social media and if you do it right, you can watch your rate of conversions skyrocket across many platforms. The best advantage of using social media is that some platforms are already free. If social media is used as a tool with a carefully thought out process the company can profit by using a very small amount of money.

Another interesting fact about social media is that it is not just a simple tool where you can interact, connect and engage with your customer but it is rather an important part of your business. If used correctly, it can lead to faster conversions and proper leads. However, all of this cannot happen in a matter of minutes. It takes a lot of time and patience to test out various strategies and see which one works out the bets. According to various sources, social media is currently the number one medium for referral traffic to your websites

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In this article, you will read about unique ways to generate more conversion rate through social media in 2019.


  1. Instill trust in your potential customers

    – When it comes to conversion, trust is an important factor in attracting the user’s attention. However, it is not just about trust, even though it is the hardest to gain. There are countless factors that go into the customer’s preferences when it comes to purchasing a product. Potential customers are more likely to trust the reviews of your product rather than its description so having a good image on social media about your product can really go a long way. The first look of your product is of extreme importance because the first users will definitely write reviews which will help in building credibility for the product. Also, the user experience needs to be at the optimum level to ensure that the customer is satisfied enough to give a positive review.

  1. Behavior-based marketing

    – When it comes to social media consumer behavior changes in a way that potential customer’s trust the existing customers about what they think of the product. Ensure that they give you good feedback and rating and you can achieve the through proper customer service and after sale services. On social media, people base their assumptions on other people’s preferences and that is what they view as “correct behavior”. This is called social proof. It is like a personalized testimonial platform that your customers use to base their views on your products and your company.

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  1. Follow the rule of 10-4-1

    – Promote gated content to guide internet users to your website through the use of social media. Gated content is something which directs your users to a landing page where they are convinced or promoted to finish the conversion. You can use phrases like “limited quantity” to encourage more customers sign up for your product. However, while doing this, always remember the 10-4-1 rule. This is a certain ratio that helps balance your social media content that you upload. 10-4-1 means that 10 should be part of other’s users’ content, 4 of them should be your own unique blog article and once should be a landing content or page. This is a balance which offers a lot of benefits. You can easily grow your reach where you can promote people’s content while they promote yours. It becomes a reciprocal social media relationship.

  2. Use Facebook to pick your demographic

    – Facebook is an ideal testing platform when it comes to social media marketing because it has over 2 billion users every month. If you use Facebook, you can easily identify who your target audience is and also determine which group of demographics is most likely to convert. You can really dig down deeper and use Facebook’s advertising features to your advantage on this one. It is a powerful way to advertise what you want and tailor your content according to the audience who views it most. Using topics which are trending in the current market allows you to gain valuable information about the thought process of the masses. Then it would become quite easy to base your strategy, according to that to have a high success rate.

  3. Build relationships with your customers

    – Social media inevitably, allows you to connect with whoever you want and that makes it perfect for sharing everything you want about your product to your consumers. The best part is that the customers can reciprocate their feedback as well and you can correct your errors then and there. When it comes to building relationships and a customer support network, do not just content anybody and everybody because that is a cold calling strategy which has proven to be quite negative over time. Social selling is all about, maybe doing a customer conversion thread online, and solving an issue and addressing certain assumptions about your product. In this way, you make your job and your customer’s life easier and build networks and relationships. Having a good relationship also causes the customer to have a brand loyalty which would help the company in the future as the person would tend to return and buy more products.


As stated previously, in today’s generation, social media is the perfect platform for free advertising your products without any constraints, besides you do not have to worry about the cost because you won’t really incur any on social media. All you need to do is to know how to properly optimize your presence using these unique tips and you can watch your rate of conversions skyrocket

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