7 winning Instagram Startegies for your small business
02 Jul

7 winning Instagram Startegies for your small business

By admin

For a few years now, apps like Snapchat has been trying to become the most popular photo and video sharing platform. But that is not happening until Instagram is here! 

Instagram is not only the most popular app, but it has also been growing constantly for the last few years. With the launch of the Instagram stories, the daily active user of this app has gone up to 160 percent, which is over 500 million per day. 

Over 300 hundred million stories are shared on Instagram on a daily basis with only 180 million stories on Snapchat. 

Instagram is THE powerful platform for brands to market themselves. In addition to that, brands can also use legitimate means to buy Instagram followers to increase the reach of their business. 

But along with the strengths that Instagram processes, there are certain limitations of this platform as well. 

But a small business, willing to grow its reach and follower base can use seven of these strategies mentioned below to grow. 

In addition to making use of these strategies, a small business must handle  their Instagram profile professionally to make the most of it  

There are many business houses which use the Instagram profile for their business as their personal profile. Now, whenever, they do that, they miss out a lot in relation to the optimization. A business profile has a lot of key benefits. In addition to showing your company information on the display, there are some analytical tools that you can use for your business 

Optimize Your Instagram Bio With A Link:

Though there are few exceptions, with a link in the bio section you can guarantee that some of your Instagram users will be redirected to your website, blogs or to your landing pages. 

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Consider a few questions like, what is happening on Instagram at the moment? Are you offering some kind of giveaway? Are you having or promoting sales? Is there a fundraiser that you are hosting? 

All you need to do is post a link of all these or any one of these in your bio section and can be sure that some of your users will be using this link to get on your landing page. 

If you really wish to use the power of the Instagram bio section, then create a landing page which will act as a house for all the links that you have shared on your Instagram bio section. 

But how does this thing work?  For instance, let’s say that a few days back you had a link to one of the white papers you had published, but now the link on your bio is leading to a promotional offer. In that case, your users will be redirected to a caption, at the same time they can also land on the getaway to find out your white paper. 

Now, this is sure to cause confusion. 

But, with a  landing page, you have all the important feeds you have linked to on Instagram. That way your users will always be able to find out what they are interested in. 

Create Hashtags Pertinent To Your Brand:

If you are a small business entrepreneur, then you can also create a brand hashtag with which your users can interact. For instance, if you run a beauty brand, then you can ask your users to post pictures of their makeup collection using your hashtag. 

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Brand hashtags can either be an ongoing thing or can be for a specific event, say, #beautyforchristmas. 

 Keep A Track of the Trending Hashtags:

Hashtags related to a season or popular events always trend on Instagram. It’s important that you keep track of those and also make a collection of the hashtags related to your brand. However, avoid popular hashtags if it does not relate to your business or is controversial. 

Mentions Users If They Seem Like Collaborators:

Like all other social media channels, Instagram too allows you to tag people in your posts. When you tag these users, you grab their attention. Tagging also acts as a means of giving credit to someone who has added a certain value to you.  

Thus if you can start a conversation with such people, then you can gain more visibility. 

Tell A Story To Your Users:

Stories are the best ways you can get more views on Instagram. If you post a story, it will be visible for the next 24 hours and it’s a great way to push content. 

Plus if you want to get real followers on Instagram you can post links in your stories as well. That will drive traffic to your website.

Project Your Company Out In The Open:

If you do your research, you will see that most users like content that is out in the open. You can also encourage users to post their content using your hashtags. Plus you can ask for permission to use their content. 

But do not forget to use your creativity to show your brand in the open. Create Instagram stories and use them as a poll or shoutouts to your lovely audience.

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Organize Promotional Campaigns:

Now that you know a bit about recognition, collaboration and behind the scene posts, it’s time to turn your customers into real followers. 

You are perhaps already giving out discounts and using a lot of email marketing, but there is no need for you to use Instagram just to drive traffic to your website. You can use a lot of promotional or introductory campaigns to introduce your new product on Instagram! 

One way of doing it is through the hashtag contests. Hashtag contests allow users to partake in a contest without having to leave the site. Thus the abandonment rate is reduced, it increases the UGC collection and creates a better presence. 

Understand Your Success And Develop On It:

If you don’t take a step back and analyze what you did, then your success is useless. There are various social media management tools which can help you with this. Not only can you use them to schedule your posts on Instagram you can also analyze your follower counts, engagement rates, number of clicks and the performance of the various hashtags. 

So use these tricks to develop on your business strategies on Instagram. All the best.