5 Reasons Why PHP Is Highly Preferred For Webapp Development
04 Jul

5 Reasons Why PHP Is Highly Preferred For Webapp Development

By admin

Why PHP Highly Preferred For WebApp Development? Well, First of all PHP is widely used and it is free. So, No need to spend your valuable money in installing the WAMP server separately and also you don’t need to buy the license for the server on which you want to run your web application. All these reasons are the major reason why PHP is highly preferable for webapp development.

* Flexibility:

This language has lots of built-in flexibility that is not available in any other language. There are various plug-ins available in PHP that can be easily integrated with your application. You can write your application in any of the scripting languages and convert it into PHP. Thus, your application will be compatible with almost all the operating systems.

* Completely Inline PHP Source:

This language allows you to use its source code without any issues. This feature makes PHP much simpler than other programming languages. As you do not have to include any external files in the source code, PHP reduces the total amount of memory usage. This helps your development process to run faster and without many bugs.

* Excellent Error Management System:

PHP provides an excellent error management system. You do not have to use an error-prone application when you develop your web application in PHP. There are various debugging facilities available in this language which help you to track down the errors quickly. These features help you to develop your application in a hassle free manner.

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* Extensive Error Handling facility:

The programmers of PHP use error management facility so that your application does not face any problem during the development cycle. You can easily trace each and every error in your application through the error pages in PHP. You can fix the problem as and when needed. This is highly preferred for webapp development because an unprofessional development process is something you do not want to deal with.

* Cross platform Compatibility:

PHP has been known to be cross platform compatible. It can run on different platforms such as Windows Linux and Mac OSX. This means that your web application can be developed on various operating systems without any difficulty. You can use it even if you develop a mobile app in iOS, Android or Blackberry. PHP is compatible with various databases and technologies, making it highly useful for the web development.

* Security:

PHP is highly secured. This means that there is no need for your developers to deal with a plethora of security issues. You need not to worry about a security issue being resolved by your developer as he/she will be well covered. Security is one of the most important factors which all programmers consider before beginning the development process. PHP has highly advanced security features in place to ensure that no issues regarding security occur during the development.

* Flexibility:

With PHP you can easily create dynamic websites. You can use things such as Ajax technology for great Ajax-based webapp features. The developers can easily use codes for interactivity which can be further modified through the use of coding templates. All these are only some of the many reasons why PHP is highly preferred by web developers for their webapp needs.

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* Mobile Phones:

With the emergence of highly advanced mobile phones there is a rush for development in this segment. Your mobile app can easily make its presence felt on the highly popular mobiles. As PHP can be easily integrated into the mobile platforms you can get access to the world of mobile technology at the same time. PHP is highly preferred for mobile application development owing to these reasons.

* Cross platform:

PHP is highly preferable for cross platform development. It is cross platform friendly, which makes it possible to develop websites across multiple platforms including Apple iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Android etc. The developers can therefore easily make their website compatible with all these platforms.

* Quick turnaround:

It takes a very less time for your webapp development team to get things done. This means that your team members do not have to spend extra time in the initial stages. PHP has all the right tools for making sure that your website performs well. Since PHP is a highly flexible language you can get real-time feedback from your end users. This will help you track the performance of your website and hence ensure that the final product is delivered on time and without any delays.