Why Online Marketers Fall In Love with WordPress
17 Jan

Why Online Marketers Fall In Love with WordPress

By admin

Why Digital (Online) Marketers Love WordPress

We all are familiar with WordPress. It’s the most utilized content management platform for generating content driven websites. Long time back it initially started as a blog tool for multiple blogger communities which soon turned into a robust content management system. As an online marketer, it’s hard for you to ignore it. Why?

It’s said even if you are bound to use any other content management system CMS within your corporation you should still focus on WordPress as it’s a hub of innovation and is continually evolving. Knowing what exactly WordPress offers and how you can use it for driving your content, giving you an edge over your competitors. Envision over 500 websites being created on WordPress on a daily basis.

In this post, I am going to tell you why, as a digital marketer, you should fit in WordPress with your routine and how you can use it as a digital marketer while working on website projects.

WordPress Changing the Way Websites Function

Being around for 13 years, WordPress has changed the way businesses and projects are done. Stats show that since March 2016 WordPress is by far the most used Content Management System catering to 26.4% of the web and it’s still counting. If you’ve been occupied in the market for more than ten years, you should remember the ventures you were involved then. Back then the primary focus was on choosing the efficient technology leading to hosting which initially directed the designer and developer at the planning stage.

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The talk of the town revolved around design and tech and no so much about content, while the budget in purchasing the right technology was quite high. Thanks to WordPress, everything has changed, and content creation has never been this easy. As an Online or digital marketer, a handful of tools are required and you can launch the website from scratch.

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Why Online Marketers Love WordPress?

Mobile support

Among the many Android and iOS, Apps WordPress supports comment moderation, content creation and checking statistics are easy, and you can alter them on the go. While it integrates into your existing workflow depending on the tools, you manage to market content. For example, you will quickly browse through and connect to a business communication app such as Slack.

Search engine optimization and Social web incorporation

Publishing and posting content on WordPress doesn’t mean your content will rank higher instantly. However, it is the Google-friendly Content Management System which allows you to swiftly create categories of pages for specific topics on which you want to be ranked high.

Sharing content on social media platforms is above par while permitting your eloquent readers to share content on social media platforms with receiving analytics inside the WordPress dashboard on the way your content will perform is easy.

Support for WordPress available from established tech companies and startups

Hypothetically if a new hip analytic software comes up or a new social network pops up, while the general design principles of the websites change. It will allow you to adapt your WordPress website to the latest happenings. The platform is so customized that you can do loads of work in mere clicks. Generally, you don’t need to be technically sound to play with WordPress, however, when managing a hosting account, you’d need a reliable hosting for WordPress. With WP hosting, you don’t need to worry about support or technical work, they do all the dirty work while you focus on other deliverables.

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Importing and exporting content is Efficient

While using a different CMS seems hard or difficult to adjust to. Its opposite with WordPress, making it much easier to migrate from Tumblr, Drupal, Joomla, etc. Moreover, you can get your multiple guides on how to get your Content on WordPress making it very easy to move your WordPress installation from one hosting company to another hosting or self-hosted.

Comprised of an Upgraded Platform

There were days when WordPress didn’t have a good reputation when it came down to a potential security solution for marketers, stating it’s not meant for professional projects.