What are the Hot Digital Marketing Trends in 2019?
23 Jan

What are the Hot Digital Marketing Trends in 2019?

By admin

Concepts first begin with the basics. The term SEO is actually an acronym for search engine optimization and is an integral part of Digital Marketing domain.

#1. What is the importance of SEO?

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) itself means making the best use of your assets and resources. So what are the resources that we are discussing here? Here it can be your website and blog. It involves getting your website or blog at the top rank of the particular web indexes.

Consider whether you manage your own website or blog that you have to begin now, or it might be that you have just started and now thinking to improve it. You now need to pay special attention to these points while you are to think upon numerous other things.

Updates from Google

There can be any striking update given by Google. For instance, we have the latest update- the Medic Update. It had affected many portals running in the healthcare sector. Moreover, it had affected many unrelated sites too. For example, many portals giving GST registration services were affected, since a number of healthcare institutions seeking GST registration were also targeted.

Likewise, with each such update, a few portals might go up, while many others might slump down. And this is a continuous process with each new update. Before this, the Google updates whenever they were released several striking changes came out. The new updates didn’t result in any major change as the old updates had. What you need to recall is it’s the Google’s updates that bring some new changes.

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Many organizations, including those who have gone through company formation, are currently beginning to give voice over services. The voiceover is something very new. Now Organizations like Amazon and Google are having competition one another in this area. We all are now going hands-free. The fact is that very soon over 25% of the entities will be adopting voiceover till 2020. In India itself, a number of entities including those having MSME registration will adopt this service. Now, these facts should not be ignored. 25% is a very big number. So now you must also begin improving your portal with new voiceover service option, and then you will see further advantages in your business along with long terms gains. Another important tip for enhancing your own website, for now, is to keep your content short and precise.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is an indeed interesting issue in the global markets in today’s era. Even Google Ranking updates are likewise influenced by Artificial Intelligence. Currently, there is a mess of data accessible on Google whenever you go online. Now you can simply examine the data and after that construct your own methodology. Also applying content strategies shrewdly in this pattern is something which can influence your rankings steadily. Moreover, there are many renowned organizations having an ISO certification that also focus on the concept of Artificial Intelligence to the user interface and enhance customer satisfaction. Controlled with Machine Learning AI can give you exceptional outcomes in your medium.

Go mobile first

The huge majority of the experts have been yelling and supporting till now the mobile first motto from a very long while.

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You must update it for portability. Commonly while planning e-mail campaigns for customers we were being advised to streamline it for being portable too. Presently think whether something as little as e-mail campaigns are improved for versatility at that point means what will be the requirement for portable advanced updated websites & blogs. If you disregard portable, the world will automatically fail to notice you. In spite of how much massive or little your portal will be, you have to streamline your site for versatility.


It is rightly said content is the king. I also support this thing. Content is what truly matters… what actually counts! Content is just like the beacon calling your users and giving them article and notifications. Major backlinks can be produced by means of guest posting option. Producing backlinks will become an outdated thing. But, then you have to give quality content to your guests and see your website or blog developing in the SERPS.

Remember that the content that you will create content for voice just works as Artificial Intelligence. So it won’t be simply working out plain sections. In addition, it will make content which is keen and suitable for machine learning moreover.