Vidmate Apk App Free download & install for Android – 9Apps

Vidmate Apk App Free download & install for Android – 9Apps
04 Mar

Vidmate Apk App Free download & install for Android – 9Apps

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Vidmate Apk app download & install for Android mobile

File Size 7.2 MB
Type Media & Video
Version 3.35
Require Android 4.0.3 or later
Star rating 4.5
Downloads 70,00,000+
Update 2018-08-22

Vidmate: Download all sorts of the videos and music albums with double downloading speed

Now everyone is carrying the ‘fastest’ internet speed with her/ his smartphone but none of them is having consistency in that speed. So it is pretty much obvious that, how fastest the internet connectivity your network is offering to you but still sometimes like while travelling in metro or some other areas you have to compromise with speed and face the buffering issue.

Now almost all sorts of the videos are available to watch online but none of these websites offers the download feature. Although, YouTube has come up with the add offline feature still the same is restricted to be played on the same device and in the same application. If you are one who doesn’t like multiple application for entertainment if your phone such as movie, music, video etc. then you don’t need to download multiple applications as we have one application which will help you with all benefits as it will do multitasking.

This will save your phone with multiple applications and also it will save your phone memory. So no need to trouble in multiple application. The Application which will give you all the feature is Vidmate, in this Application, there are three more features, one is the downloading features which allow you to download any type of video or songs to your phone or memory card with using any other application not only that feature two is great, if you don’t want any songs in video format as you just want to listen then like you listen MP3 or MP4 songs, then you get option to covert the video songs to MP3 or MP4 format so that you can listen in Audio format.

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So here is the solution to download all of these videos is the easiest way. Vidmate is an application for the smartphone users, which permits them to download videos from various media sharing websites such as Facebook, YouTube and Dailymotion. It also offers the feature to stream as-well-as download the most recent movies and series of television shows. Not only limited to all these, this mobile application comes up with the inbuilt live TV streaming option. This amazing mobile app is available for both Android as-well-as Windows operating systems based smartphones.

Here are some of the key features of this trending mobile application.

Unlimited download: You must have observed in various other mobile applications that, there used to be threshold limits on the number or size of videos to be downloaded. But in Vidmate, there is no bar on the downloading videos. You can download the unlimited number of videos and movies as per the storage space available on your smartphone. It accepts the downloading request for the videos and TV shows which are available in various types of the formats.

Totally free of cost: You are not required to pay for any type of the subscription to download any of the videos, movies and TV shows series which are accessible from the application.

Over 200 plus Television Channels: You can enjoy the live TV streaming with this app. Similar to the set-top box available at your home television, it also streams more than 200 TV channels without any kind of buffering or interruptions.

Not limited to the videos only: This versatile application has not ignored a very large community that is the lovers of the music. Means not only videos and TV shows, you can also download different genres of the songs and music albums on this platform and that’s too totally free of cost.

Download and install games & other applications from various websites: Apart from the thousands of the movies, videos, songs, you can also download pretty amazing applications and games by using this marvellous app. There are a number of mobile applications which are exclusively available on the Vidmate only means they cannot be found at the Google Play Store, Windows or Apple’s Apps Store.

An app for all types of the Operating Systems: Unlike various other mobile applications which are specifically designed for the Android users only due to a large number of users, Vidmate has been made available for the other operating system based devices as well including iOS, Windows, Blackberry and personal computers. The highly praiseworthy feature is the user support and experience is totally the same across all of these formats.

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The Multitasking Option: While you have put a video on the download even then you can access and explore the other videos and media of the application rather than first waiting for the completion of the downloading process. You can also pause and resume as per your convenience. Very rare mobile applications are rendering this type of feature.

The inbuilt video converter: No need to divert from the application for the conversion of the videos into different formats. There are various videos available online in different formats which may not be compatible with your device so you need not worry about it. You may convert the same video in the format which your device supports.

User-friendly user interface: Using Vidmate mobile application is as much simple as using a television remote. It has very simple and interactive user interface which carries an excellent navigation facility.

The navigation features: Unlike other video downloading applications, Vidmate is bundled with navigations features and options which make it very easy to use for the users.

The built-in media player: You can stream, download and watch all of the videos in the application itself. There is no need to install a separate media player to play the downloaded videos.

The collection of the rare movies and TV show’s series:

Apart from having more than fifty thousand movies, there are thousands of movies and TV shows which are very hard to find on the internet and they are accessible as-well-as can be downloaded with the aid of this application.

Excellent downloading speed:

It is not about owning efficient resources, it’s all about the way of using those resources. This app is going to deliver you the experience of two hundred per cent of the downloading speed in comparison to the other video downloading mobile applications. It is possible due to the availability of highly sophisticated technologies with Vidmate’s back-end team. These technologies are designed in such a way that the users’ downloading request reaches to the server at a much faster rate than the other similar mobile applications users’ request. Further, it improves the user’s network downloading speed around five times. Some of the other similar mobile application developers are also using the same technologies but Vidmate is using it in a much smarter and efficient manner. It is also using the most recent version of these technological tools.

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Connected with hundreds of the websites:

With the access of this application, you can download videos and TV shows from hundreds of the websites some of these top websites include Vimeo, Daily motion, YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and Vine etc.

Download Videos in HD quality:

The video quality of the movies and shows downloaded by using this platform won’t be impacted. Further, you can download the videos and movies in high definition quality by using this wonderful application.

Secondary Video Portals:

You will also have another marvelous feature in this application and that is ‘add secondary video portals’ which does not reflect on its main screen. There are more than fifteen distinct and unique features available by using which you will not be required to use any other search engine to discover new videos and you can explore the same on the application itself.

If you also want to know the latest Trending Movie name then you can scroll down to know the name of the latest movies same way you can find out trending music options, trending TV shows options. The best part of this application you can get access to all type of videos either it’s Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, Punjabi etc.

There many more option you will get in that which you can watch online or you can download so you can watch that as per your free time. This applications also help you to save your phone memory. So if you want to download this multi-talented application for your phone then you can visit 9Apps and download one for your phone and enjoy all the benefits.

In features, it will give you all trending videos of all language, in video option,s you will able to see tending or most watched video, in movie option you will able to see all the latest movie and trailer, same goes with music options, it will also give you all the latest TV show which is more seen by people also you get Application option so you can select your like if you have any. Below that you will also get Like this video option in this you will able to see all the songs which you have seen a lot or multiple time so you can easily access that.

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