Video Animation for Business Marketing
08 Feb

Video Animation for Business Marketing

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Animation is an engaging weapon used in the battle of the competitive business world. It helps you to explain and deliver your story and business message in a comprehensive way. 65% of the people are the visual learners and 90% of the information delivered to the viewers is deliver to their brains is visual. As per to the molecular biologist John Medina, the vision of a person is the most dominating sense, which is covering half of the brain resources. And as the matter of fact information is processed 60,000x faster than an alphabetical text.

Graphic description:

Graphic description

Graphic description

Text description:A geometrical figure having four sides equally sides and four equal angles.

Above mentioned is an example of graphic description and text designing impact. There is a drastic change in the visual content on social media. Last year the number of videos post for a single person had to boost up to 94% in the US alone. As for Facebook, it streams more than 4 billion videos streaming every single day. And yes how can we forget picture superiority effect in which images and pictures have a lasting impact more than words.

Mentioned below are some statics, which will help you to know about video marketing:

  • Conversions are increased on the landing page including video is 80%
  • 64% of the viewers are buying products online after watching the video.
  • The 1/3 of the activities are spent on watching videos
  • After seeing the product/service in a video, 50% of the executives look for more information
  • YouTube users watch more than 3 billion hours of video every single month, according to YouTube.
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If you are not considering video marketing as part of your content marketing strategy, the right time has arrived to add this to your product marketing.

Why businesses use animation?

Grab attention:

Following the pace and way in which the children’s cartooned films aimed to hold the attention through animated entertainment and creativity, the marketers also set their marketing strategies to attract the attention of their targeted audience through animation tools and devices. This is one of the most appropriate examples of animation utilized by businesses in their digital marketing strategies.

Gain trust and understanding:

Several businesses, for instance, Chipotle has released their animated video for business to achieve the attention and interest of their targeted audience to win their trust back after the food safety scandals by using animation as one of their most potent tools. There was a dramatic result after the implementation of this strategy. This will impact your sales and profit margins in a positive sense. It will also establish an impressive reputation for your business in the market. Businesses can deliver their customer a thorough description of their purposes and the aims so they can understand clearly.

Engage your audience:

Isn’t it better to display your product and its services in minutes, than to engage your potential audience with an emotionally and visually appealing animation? Let’s take the example of the Pixar animation; they try to stimulate their audience of all ages, and many of their animated films are still holding the hearts of the audience for many years. Businesses and brands can utilize animation to play with the associations.

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Communicate rapidly but concisely as well:

The animation is the ultimate way to showcase the services and features of a business in a fair, concise way. By making sure that your message is clear enough and all of your objectives are well explained. This is the securing promise that your business will make a banging impact instead of a flop way. When your product and its services are clear and well explained enough, and your advertisement is on point, you are going to attract more and more consumers for your product. Because of the simplicity of the advertisement, your business will secure success.

Making a lasting impact:

Utilizing advertising in an inspiring and creative way, businesses can also have the advantage of creating a lasting impact on the targeted audience minds. Let’s take the example of the John Lewis, and John Lewis still has a lasting reputation for their Christmas range as they have released the Christmas advertisements which are mostly animated every single year. These television advertisements mostly have a great response because of the entertainment essence of animation and storytelling.

The animation fits for anything everything:

The animation is suitable for any marketing requirement, whether they are brand or product explainer video, infographics, or release announcements. Marketers from reputable companies know and understand the worth of animation. This is why reputable companies use animated explainer videos to market their product or brand.

The animation is cheaper than other marketing strategies:

One of the chief benefits of utilizing animated videos for your social media marketing is that it is less expensive than live videos. Video production can cost thousands of dollars including the search of spokesperson, shooting, actors and fil cutting. Rather than you need a fragment of this effort to make a perfect animated explainer video.

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The animation is playing a vital role in the marketing of a business product or brand. By implementing this marketing strategy, you can get remarkable results in your business expansion and its promotion.