Top React Resources Every Developer Should Bookmark
08 Apr

Top React Resources Every Developer Should Bookmark

By admin

There’s no doubt that React is one of the commonly used UI libraries for web app development
today. It’s basic, effective, and has a broad spectrum of support and component libraries’
structure. You see, it’s that complexity that makes learning React time-consuming to learn.
With that being said, finding the best educational resources will make all the difference. When
you begin dealing with React for the first time, its Documentation will be the ideal option for both
support and learning. After you get used to it, you can begin drawing on different React
resources and blogs in various formats.
That’s why this post is written. We have gathered a list of the best resources and blogs you
must bookmark and check out when we talk about learning and getting updated with React.js.
Indeed, keep in mind that this list is not a complete one.
However, we strive to come close to what many developers today are recommending and
reading. At the end of this post, we hope you find something that interests you.
Are you ready to find out more? Without further ado, let’s begin!


Would you like to stay updated and informed on React when it comes to localization and
internationalization? provides numerous in-depth articles on React and
awesome tutorials on the platform, along with different hands-on experiences too!

  1. React.js Blog

In case you didn’t know, this blog is one of the most authoritative places you can learn
about the new features of React. Consider this: if something is baking inside the oven,
then it will surely be published in this blog. Make sure you check this out.

  1. Ben McCormick’s Blog
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Ben’s Twitter and blog are excellent sources of ideas for somebody who wants to take
their career into their hands. He often issues awesome pieces on React, coding, and
JavaScript as a whole. However, he also provides amazing insights into dealing with a
team and dealing with one’s tasks work.
He works as a software engineering manager. Hence, he completely knows the dev
team’s problems and fills his blog with different practical pieces of insights.

  1. Made with React

Do you often find it challenging to search for relevant blogs and posts on the web?
Maybe you are one of those who cannot even stand following some influencers
regularly. It’s time you visit Made with React.
It’s a website aggregator collecting applications and websites through the React or
React Native JavaScript library. Since its inception, the portal’s authors have users
entertained with their contents.

  1. Ideamotive Blog

Did you know that Ideamotive runs its blog with a big part dedicated to React Native and
React rich text editor? They mainly write for project managers and developers, offering
the ideal overview of the framework to everybody who wanted to learn more.

  1. React Native Log

This one is a blog based on Medium. React Native Log hosts content from code
snippets, tutorials, articles, and React Native tips and tricks. It’s worth mentioning they
have a team of twenty writers posting content for this website.
Nader Dabit is one of the contributors to this blog, hosting a React Native podcast they
call React Native Radio.

  1. React Native Newsletter

This website is a fun and carefully curated newsletter to read when it comes to React
Native. Every couple of months, a free summary of libraries, pull requests, issues,
articles, and news, as well as React Native apps, is published and delivered to qualified
Further, the newsletter is curated by a React Native Developer at Infinite Read, Frank
von Hoven.

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This one is everyone’s typical blog. It concentrates on articles and tutorials on web
development and provides much content on different web development subjects.
Codeburst also has numerous tutorials and articles on React Native.
Such articles are published by developers globally who like to help other people grow.
You can easily access this blog by clicking the link above.

  1. Awesome React Native

This platform is intended to keep links to useful React Native articles, tools, tutorials, and
libraries. It doesn’t have any actual guides or articles but links visitors to the websites
they locate in.


This is a mega-site loaded with free development certification courses and tutorials. The
best part about this page is that a nonprofit organization supports it. How awesome is
that? They attract plenty of people trying to learn more about web development, allowing
them to have a good understanding of what’s it to learn the fundamentals.


Tyler is one of those highly sought React experts and keeps his own site with many
courses and tutorials. What’s more, he sends great React newsletters each week to his


Finally, we have, a flourishing community of developers writing about technology
and their lives. Currently, it has over 250,000 registered users and provides a massive
list of developer resources for nearly any topic.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! These are the top React resources you should check out this year! This list
will truly help you choose the ideal resource to makeover your project. So, what are you waiting
for? Bookmark this resource, pin it, and feel free to share it with attributes.
Are you already using any of the pages mentioned in this list? Maybe you’ve used it before. We
would love to hear them out! Feel free to mention your favorite resource in the comment section