Tips on How to Increase Your odds of Winning at Blackjack
18 Jul

Tips on How to Increase Your odds of Winning at Blackjack

By admin

You’ve probably heard about people hitting the jackpot and winning millions. It does happen, but not as frequently as we’d like; luck shines on very few people in gambling. Nevertheless, there are casino games you’d play that give you a fair shot against the house; Blackjack is one of them. Winning at blackjack requires more than luck; you need effective strategies based on probability rather than luck.

If you’re thinking of playing blackjack or are already playing and want to win, you’re right on time. Playing and winning blackjack depends on understanding the basic strategies of playing your cards wisely.

It also depends on how well you’ve mastered the card counting system to increase your chances of winning. Below are strategy tips to help you play blackjack and increase your odds of winning without giving up on the fun.

The good thing is that blackjack is easy to figure out, so even if this is your first time, you should be okay. The first thing to know (if you don’t already) is that you need to get to 21 to beat the dealer.

Then, it would help if you gained a good perception of the terms used beyond staying to end your term or hitting to get another card. Before you start playing blackjack, ensure you understand asking to double down, splitting your hand, and surrendering your hand.

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Then, you need to know when to incorporate these terms into your betting strategies, thus increasing your winning chances. For instance, if you double down, you double your bet and receive one card extra.

You can split cards when you have two of the same card; then, with two separate bets, play them as two hands. Finally, you can surrender your hand when bad and save half your bet, although few casinos allow this.

  • Avoid Insurance Wagers

First, you need to have a bankroll set up if you play any casino game like the Parimatch online Blackjack. Setting a bankroll ensures you don’t use your school fees or necessary finances to gamble. Then, avoid making insurance wagers from your established bankroll – regardless of how much you wagered on. When you create an insurance wager, you’re essentially betting that the dealer has a ten-value downward card and giving her a blackjack.

Instead, play a winning insurance wager, which pays 2-1 but with winning odds worse than 2-1. A dealer may even offer you money when you find yourself in this situation; reject the offer.

  • Understand Basic Blackjack Strategy

Since blackjack is more a game of probability than luck, you get stronger in playing when you learn how to play certain hands. For instance, you need to know when to hit on your sixteen and when to split your eights. Therefore, studying a chart that helps you determine your choice, depending on the cards you have and what the dealer shows, is important.

Meanwhile, don’t panic if you find it difficult to remember how to act in in-game scenarios; it happens. However, the good news is that the more you play, the better you get at playing your hand by instinct.

  • Understand the Table’s Rules Before Playing

Different blackjack tables have different rules; you need to understand these rules before you start playing. In addition, many blackjack games involve using multiple decks of cards to discourage card counting.

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Also, most blackjack games demand that the dealer stops at 17, even if that results in the dealer’s loss. However, the rules may allow the dealer to hit on a soft 17 made with an ace; you want to avoid this.

You want to avoid a game that makes it hard for you to win in the long run. You also want to avoid continuous shuffle machines if you’re playing in person. These shuffle machines make it impossible to keep track of the possible cards you and the dealer can draw.

  • Understanding Counting Card Strategies

First, you must understand that each numbered blackjack card has a value; for instance, two through six cards carry one point. Once you’ve assigned value to a card, practice keeping a running count until you can keep your total quietly and quickly.

Additionally, keep a true count that gives you an idea of how much advantage you have in betting. Then, practice maintaining true counts; you can use an online card counting simulator that corrects your counting mistakes and tracks your winnings.

Once you can comfortably keep a true count, attempt keeping count with distractions by mimicking the feel of a casino. For instance, you can use the radio or add music to introduce distractions and learn how to work around them. As you do this, you’ll be able to practice during loud events and even engage in conversations while mentally calculating true counts.


Blackjack is all about knowing how to calculate the probabilities with the laid-down rules. So first, a beginner player must familiarize himself with the gameplay, strategies, and rules. Then, you can follow these tips and others from professional blackjack tipsters to increase your odds of winning.