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Logo plays an important part in representing a symbol or effigy of any team, company, organization or, even individuals. To represent and popularize your company or brand you need to have a logo so that people recognize your brand/service through the logo. It is very important to display the logo on both online and offline platforms. Without a good logo, your company/organization/ brand/ service will remain unknown as there might be many companies/services with the same name. We know about many big firms and companies through their logo. For example, by seeing the blue-colored bird logo we know that it is a micro-blogging App Twitter.

Best Logo Designers in Tirupati| Logo Design Company Tirupati

There are many logo designer in Tirupati and many logo designing companies Tirupati. However, not all Logo designers in Tirupati are good at logo making. To acquire unique, attractive and, cool logos for your company, you can contact Honey Web Solutions a logo design company Tirupati.

Honey Web Solutions provide services for logo making in Tirupati. The team of Honey Web Solutions consists of professional Logo Designer in Tirupati providing custom logo design services. We provide creative logo design services with the help of the best professional logo designers.

Honey Web Solutions in Logo Designing

Honey Web Solutions, the logo designing companies Tirupati, begins the work by trying to understand the company and brand before making the logo. We try to evaluate the company/brand and look forward designing process. Meeting with clients and figuring out what they want is part of this process. We focus on knowing why the client wants this particular logo, the brand details, the beliefs, values, uniqueness, customer characteristics, and voices of the brand.

We then research the industry to which the brand belongs and try to make the logo accordingly. This process includes cross-checking and comparing the brand logo, colors, shapes, and techniques used by other brands so that we can bring out the most unique logo for our client.

Then comes the part of listing the areas and platforms where the logo will be used. We list out the places and platforms where the logo should be displayed for the benefit of the brand.

After completing the listing job, we opt to sketch our ideas and concepts. We prefer doing brainstorming of ideas. Then we select the most appropriate designs that we process forward to create the digital draft using the software.

We then finalize the logo by collecting the feedbacks of the staff and the client. Then we make some final improvements.  After finalizing we deliver the best logo file to our client.

Honey Web Solutions believes in customer satisfaction. With our team of professional designers, we aim to provide the best outcome of our concept to our clients. Therefore, this happens to be our basic approach in logo designing.

Logo design costs

Logo design costs start from Rs.1000 to Rs.500000+ depending on what type of service you prefer.

  • Fresh logo makers and online logo designers usually charge about Rs.1000 to Rs.10000.
  • Fresh freelance designers charge about Rs.500 to Rs.2000.
  • Experienced freelancers charge about Rs.1000to Rs.10000.
  • More experienced freelance designers charge about Rs.10000 to Rs.50000.
  • Expert freelancers charge about Rs.50000 to 100000+.
  • Logo designing services/agencies/companies charge about Rs.80000 to Rs.1000000, depending on the size of the company, quality of service and, reputation of the company. Small agencies charge you about Rs.80000 to Rs.200000, medium level agencies charge about Rs.100000 to Rs.400000 and top designing agencies charge about Rs.500000 to Rs. 1000000+.

Logo design charges completely depend upon your budget, customization, and the type of designer you choose to get your work done. If you want the design totally customized then it will be no doubt, expensive. Fresher’s, online designers, freelancers might charge you low but you cannot get the quality outcome from this. Only the experienced freelancer designer can deliver you good design. Agencies will deliver you good results. Especially, big agencies and firms will provide you the best services. So, it’s basically the bigger you invest the better design you get.

Your logo design should include all these

  • It should reflect the essence of your brand

The logo represents your brand. It should be designed in such a way that it reflects the essence of your brand/company. For example, sportswear brand Puma has a leaping puma or cougar as its logo. The cougar or panther depicted in the logo is the animal, which is very active and can jump up to 20ft high. This indicates that a sports-person is like a panther, active and sporty. Thus, the brand tries to be attractive and catchy by relating its logo to such an active animal.

  • It should be uniquely styled

Your logo should be attractive and unique. The name should be styled bold and unique. For example, the name KFC sounds cooler than Kentucky Fried Chicken. People prefer branded items for the sake of not just quality but also to look cool and classy. For example people are always captivated to the Apple’s iPhone logo all around the world here we can assess that Apple iPhone company draw it’s focus more over the logo designing. This is how Apple is dominating the smart-phone industry all over the world. Hence, having a cool brand-mark is also very important. Having attractive letter marks also attracts lots of customers. This is why brands like H&M are so popular. People are interested in carrying Chanel and Gucci bags or wearing Rolex watches.

  • Must consist of relevant colors

In order to captivate the website visitor’s attention, it is preferable to choose more catchy colors. Dull colors will not be good for logos. Always prefer vibrant colors. YouTube logo has a bright red color, Flipkart has a combination of blue and yellow, Microsoft logo has four bright colors, red, green, blue and, yellow. Many other big brands have vibrant colors in their logos. This is how big brands draw millions of customers towards them.