Key takeaways to building your YouTube subscribers
09 Jul

Key takeaways to building your YouTube subscribers

By admin

YouTube is the most widely used entertain platform in the world. Since its launch in early 2005, YouTube has since grown to over 1.9 billion monthly active users. That means that 1 in 5 people worldwide access the website every month. 

Growing your YouTube account, specifically your subscriber base, is a very difficult feat these days. Maybe ten years ago you could become a YouTube sensation with little effort or know how but things have changed. 

Don’t let that scare you away. Tones of people are creating new YouTube channels every day and some are still having great success. By following the right approach and implementing some good practices you too can grow your YouTube account. 

Creating quality content:

When it comes to creating new YouTube videos the most important part is the planning phase. Before you even start producing any video you should have a blueprint of exactly what you want to accomplish with the video. Have a list of all the topics you want to cover and evaluating whether or not these topics are relevant to the audience you’re targetting.  Make sure you have any supporting Information that the viewers may find interesting.

Once you have everything you need then think about where you’re going to produce the video. Make sure there’s adequate light and that the audio will be clear. Nothing’s worse than not being able to hear what someone is saying or even watching a Video with loud background noise that distracts you. That’s a sure fire way to lose a possible subscribers interest. With the number of videos that are published on YouTube, you have to make sure to capture YouTubers interest quickly with high visibility content. Once your videos start gaining popularity your subscriber base will snowball. The results won’t come right away but if you follow a rock solid process you are sure to succeed.

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Removing irrelevant content:

If you’ve had a YouTube channel since YouTube’s infancy then you probably have tonnes of old videos that are no longer relevant. It’s good to re-evaluate your old content so that it aligns with what you’re doing now. Perhaps you were publishing videos on cars whereas now your channel is dedicated to news and current events. It’s not a bad idea to get rid of that old irrelevant content to that your channel has a clear topic. It’s also possible that your old video productions are too amateur and may tarnish your brand. 

Promoting your channel:

If you have an existing website that has traffic then promoting your YouTube channel is something you should consider. You can add a YouTube widget to your site which will display all your newly published videos for all the traffic that visits your website. There are also various subscriber widgets that you can add to your website that will allow people to subscribe to your channel directly from your website. 

If you use other social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook you can download your YouTube videos using sites like YouTube video downloader or YouTube to MP4, and promote them on those platforms by posting a short clip and tagging the clips with different hashtags. Those social media platforms can drive a huge number of viewers to your videos which can convert into subscribers.


Consider collaborating with other popular YouTubers to grow your channel. I for one have subscribed to numerous channels because someone whom I was following featured another YouTubers in their video. It’s a great way to gain some exposure. The key is finding other channels that have a similar audience to yours. If you can manage to produce better videos then the channel with whom you collaborate then you’re sure to attract at least a handful of new subscribers.

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YouTube trailer:

When a person visits your YouTube channel a video that you select will automatically be played kind of like an advertisement. This gives you a great opportunity to explain what your channel is all about. Keep the trailer short and make sure you draw the viewer in by highlighting all the great things your channel has to offer. Explain what your goals are with the channel and what exactly you’re trying to achieve. Do you want to teach people how to cook?  Do you want to show people the best travel destination in the world? Whatever the case, displaying a clear goal is a sure fire way to attract the right audience for your channel.


By following the right process ie: collaborating with others, downloading YouTube videos to publish on other platforms, promoting your channel on your website, etc.. you can start to grow your channel. Who knows you might just be the next big YouTube star!