X Most Influential Graphic Design Companies from Around the World
01 Nov

X Most Influential Graphic Design Companies from Around the World

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Because of the ever-increasing size of the online population, businesses need to make their presence known in this setting. However, because of how saturated and competitive the internet is, it may be challenging for businesses to stand out.

Businesses invest heavily in establishing a strong online identity, and they frequently employ the services of graphic design firms to accomplish so. Designers are essential to a business’s success since they create the company’s brand, identity, personality, and appeal.

A business may employ a graphic designer in several capacities, including as a contract worker, an in-house employee, or a graphic design firm. Great results, integrity, and more may be achieved with the help of a team of specialists from a trustworthy graphic design agency.

In this piece, we’ll provide you with a list of the top 10 graphic design firms with whom to form strategic alliances for expanding your business. Each of these firms has an established history and roster of well-known customers.

Let’s get going without further ado!

If you want to boost your company’s profits, you need to hire a professional graphic design studio. For this reason, wherever possible, go with the very finest. If you’re looking for a professional graphic designer, you have 10 excellent options to consider.


Artisticore is widely regarded as one of the world’s greatest and largest design firms. It is one of the best Houston Graphic Design firms. With vast experience of years in the industry, this firm is a go-to for marketing, branding, and packaging needs.

The Artisticore proprietors handling all customer interactions is another one of their strengths. Their work ethic indicates the seriousness and enthusiasm with which they approach their jobs.



It’s a Swiss design business with offices worldwide, founded in 1979. The Dutch design firm is recognized for always looking for better ways to develop innovative concepts.

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Meta takes creative ideas and molds them into long-lasting, industry-altering brand strategies that shape the company’s destiny via patented, all-encompassing processes.

MetaDesign has made a name for itself by explicitly highlighting the significance of logo and package design to the success of a brand. This global graphic design agency has outposts in Beijing, Berlin, Zurich, the Bay Area, the Big Apple, Lausanne, and Dusseldorf. If you are looking for some good graphic design companies in Houston you can go to google and simply search graphic design firms in and you will be surprised by the results. 

The company’s client list includes Sony, Netflix, AT&T, Volkswagen, Cognizant, Porsche, and Coca-Cola.


Marketers and content producers may have to wait a long time for their projects to be completed if they hire many graphic design services. What, then, is the answer for today’s corporations? For instance, ManyPixels offers a continuous design service.

In terms of visual design, they have experts on staff that can handle any difficulty. ManyPixels also guarantees high-quality graphic design within 24 hours.

The company employs and assigns only the most qualified designers to each client, so you can rest easy knowing that your projects will be completed on time. The best part is that you can change anything you like!

Barista, Decathlon, Buffer, the European Investment Bank, and Dynamite Jobs are some companies that have used our services.


Walter Landor founded the graphic design business Landor in 1941, and it has been headquartered in the Bay Area ever since. Across more than 20 countries, the firm operates out of its 26 international locations. Kellogg’s, whose cereal you love so much, has a gorgeous logo designed by the same team.

Landor is a well-known and highly regarded brand research firm and a proud member of WPP. Their 1200 specialists and professionals make them the largest specialized business in the world.

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Alaska Airlines, FedEx, General Electric, Apple, Apple, British Airways, Nike, The Australian Open, and McGraw Hill are just a few of Alaska’s many satisfied clients.


In the field of graphic design, Huge is yet another household name. They focus on several disciplines, including advertising, graphic design, and IT. Huge, which began in Brooklyn in 1999, has expanded to countries all around the globe.

Huge provides its clients access to a global network of experts in their fields. FastCompany just named them the greatest company to work for innovators. Even though the firm has accomplished much since its founding, redesigning IKEA’s online presence was its first major undertaking.

Coca-Cola, Google, Unilever, Nike, Realtor.com, Jeeps, and McDonald’s are just a few companies that have used our services in the past.

Go Media

Go Media

Award-winning design firm Go Media was founded in 2003 by Cleveland natives Wilson Reveal and William Beachy. With a clientele that spans the globe, this graphic design firm is recognized for its innovative branding, eye-catching designs, and cutting-edge digital projects.

GoMedia advocates using cutting-edge design alongside risky new ideas and fundamental principles that will resonate with your target audience. Using cutting-edge tools, they create visually appealing website layouts and distinctive identities to pique users’ interests and draw them to their products and services. An interactive and collaborative online design network is fostered through the provision of learning events, publications, and tutorials.

The companies that have used our services include Cose, Dawn, Jack Frost Donuts, Japonesque, Holland, Easton, Jim Beam, and ESPN.


Saffron is an American company that specializes in graphic design. They have a fantastic team of designers working for them. They motivate buyers to aim higher than usual and break through to new heights of achievement. They’ve risen to the top for several reasons, including innovative tactics, cutting-edge software, and groundbreaking aesthetics.

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They think outside the box to produce outstanding designs for their customers, who in turn help them take their company to new heights. They are the best because they use strategy and amazing designs to create monumental works.

Companies like Gulf Air and Fujitsu, online giants like YouTube and Xing, and budget airlines like Vueling, make up our client portfolio.

When thinking of top-tier graphic design firms, Wolff Olins Ollins is another major contender. They work with various well-known companies, and their graphic designs are professional and effective.

Regarding brand strategy, brand makeovers, and comprehensive improvements in brand perceptions, Wolff Olins is a dynamic, modern, and respected organization that has produced numerous current brand images for some of today’s largest companies. This group’s mission is to create game-changing brands that bridge the gap between “business, humanity, and the planet.”

Apple, eBay, Spotify, the London Olympics, AOL, TikTok, GrubHub, Google WorkSpaces, and Uber are just a few companies that have used our services in the past.

Pixel Production Inc

Pixel Production Inc

Pixel, located in Portland, Oregon, is a full-service graphic design studio that helps businesses with everything from logo creation to retail package design. Pixel focuses on helping established small and medium-sized businesses take the next step in their development.

They have skilled graphic designers on staff to assist you in successfully communicating your brand’s message. Within a short time, they can create stunning visuals that will make customers flock to your business. If Pixel isn’t a good fit, keep reading; we’ll cover where to look for the largest graphic design agencies if that is the case.

Fateka, Swoon, Eagle Biosciences, World Outdoor Products, and Sheldon-A Micro Winery are just some of the companies that have relied on our services in the past.

Final Thoughts

So these are the best graphic designing companies you must consider for your next projects that require graphic designs and logos.