Improving Business Assurance Cases
20 May

Improving Business Assurance Cases

By admin

Business Assurance proves to be a crucial element to business, and it can be quite advantageous to improve case quality. Sam Clowsey is a Business Assurance Supervisor over at Mortgage Intelligence, and he’s helping you start 2019 off right with the following 5 tips you can use to improve case quality. Read more about adapting to the changing landscape of business assurance in this blog by Huntswood Recruitment.

1) Note Everything Useful:

Make and take detailed notes on anything that might be considered even remotely pertinent to a case. An assessor will find it especially helpful to have comments on customer circumstances and criteria.

2) Be Sure That All Is Updated:

Anytime there is a submission delay, you should request updated payslips and bank statements.

3) Analyze Bank Statements:

Inspect all bank statements in order to identify any additional financial commitments or current accounts. Any active credit needs to be recorded either in the fact find or just commented on if it recently cleared.

4) Offer An Explanation As To Why Your Recommendation Proves Suitable:

Make sure that the justification provided in a Reason Why Letter explains clearly why a particular recommendation might be suitable to the requirements of the customer. Generic or even high-level explanations aren’t considered to be appropriate.

5) Verify The Documents:

Verify that all documents have been fully copied. New copies are going to be necessary when any portions of payslips or passports are ‘cut off’. Bank statements need to be in consecutive order, and when applicable, both sides of duplex documents need to get scanned.

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