How to download 9Apps on Mobile
22 Feb

How to download 9Apps on Mobile

By admin

9Apps supports free and fast download of top free android apps&games. Install 9Apps and find the best free apps in one of the biggest app stores in the world.

In this Article, I am going to help you, how to download this application on mobile 9App. To download this application you can visit and there you will get the latest option to download for your mobile which you can download for your mobile to enjoy the best experience of fast download features, APK features which take less space of your phone memory but no compromise in functioning.

Also, you get access to that application which is not there on most used hub such as Play Store or App store. Let me help you with some basic adjustment you need to do while downloading the Application is when you click on download you won’t get any issue, but while installing you may getting an error stating some unknown source is getting downloaded which you can fix by visiting setting option of your phone and turn of your known source option which will automatically turn on once your Application is downloaded. It will ask this every time when you download the un-source application. This means you are not compromising with your mobile security and safety.

Let also help you with few options which are left to discuss PUBG game setting details are Audio, Quick Chat and Language.


Table of Contents

In this, you can adjust your audio setting as per your need and the options are Master, SFX (special effects), UI (User Interface), Music. This has two options only either high or low. This you can adjust as per your need and like. You also get options to adjust the voice of Microphone and Speaker which you use while playing the game and even it has a drag option from high to low.

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Quick Chat:

This mostly useful when you are playing in a team to help or command them. The default options are Enemies ahead, Let’s go, Bring up voice chat, Go to the safe zone!, help, Get in the car, Search for Vehicle, Form up on me, Stay alert, Excellent work. There are a few more options which you can add to this list such as Tactics (I’m going on, I’ll cover you!, I will take the back!, Help etc), Movement (Fall Back, head toward the mark!, Retreat, get the Airdrop), Discussion (Hold it, don’t move!, Not a Problem, Same Team!, Stay Alert!, I need medicine! and many more options) this is all default voice, you also get option of classic voice in that also you get same three options for of voice. You also get the option to type your own messages while playing the game, so you can type as per your situation and need.


In this, you get Thirteen language options which you can set as per your like and need while playing the game. Most used language is English, there is also get options Matchmaking Language in this you get 2 options of language you can keep for use such as select 1st language English and 2nd language of your own choice.