Google New Tools Help You Find Perfect Gif
11 Mar

Google New Tools Help You Find Perfect Gif

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Actions speak louder than words and the best form of expression these days is through memes and Gifs to communicate exactly what you mean. This pop culture of sharing Gifs is a fun way to talk and people have been using it so much that Google decided to make an update that allows you to search these Gifs with more ease.

What has Google done?

Google is using a visual expression search engine, Tenor, to get insights as to how people are using celebrity Gifs to express emotions such as sad, happy, nervous, disappointed, and a lot more.

When you search for a celebrity or a fictional character in the drop-down box, it will display emotions or expressions that celebrity memes are famous for. For example, if you are searching for Michael Scott you are most likely to find results from his The Office show, representing happiness or sarcasm most of the time.

Similarly, if you want to search for Drake’s Gifs for example, when you search for “ Drake laughing” or “ Drake cries “ and it will display all the related Gifs. You don’t need to be very specific either, you can also just type in “Drake” in the search bar and it will display all the Gifs associated with Drake.

The search results also show the percentage of Gifs that are popular for each celebrity. Like for Drake, “Drake Clapping “is the most popular one, as in 1 out of 3 searches are for “Drake Clapping” Gifs. In simpler words, it means that people usually emote enthusiasm or support through Drake’s clapping meme. You can use the drop-down menu to explore more celebrities in that manner.

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There is another tool you can use to find out all the available Gifs in a certain category. For example, if you type “shrug” then you are most likely to get Gifs of Kanye West, Oprah, and Elmo. Simon Rogers, the Data Analyst at Google shows that for a “shrug” gif, most people preferred Kanye’s Gif as it holds 29.2% of the searches while Elmo has 19.4 % share and Oprah Winfrey claims 14.5%.

Another popular category is “Eye roll.” Jude has the highest percentage of searches (19.8%) for the eye roll category. Second in position is NBA player James Harden due to a meme moment during an on-court interview with 15.1% searches. On the third place, we have Stanley Hudson with 9.6% of searches.

How does the tool work?

The basis of the new tool is the data gathered by Google’s GIF and stickers search engine Tenor, which the search engine giant bought in 2018.

Google’s Trends team generated these tools by taking information on the most searched emotions, feelings, and reactions users on Tenor and seeing which pop culture icons were the most preferred.

After acquiring Tenor, Google’s Trends team researched on which pop culture icons were popular as memes and Gifs and pulled information on which type of emotions and reactions people were searching for. The team also created a link between the most searched emotions or reactions in reference to the popular city in that category.

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Google has also launched another feature named, the fingerprint tool that displays a whole spectrum of emotions, for example, “happy” on one end of the spectrum and “sad” on the other end. The results are displayed in the form of scattered dots that shows different celebrities and fictional characters that are popular for each kind of emotion or reaction.

According to the fingerprint tool, people mostly prefer Beyoncé’s and Justin Timberlake’s Gif for the ‘happy’ gif.

Wrapping Up!

In this era where distances have grown so much and most of the communication happens through digital media, a void has been created by the absence of body language. This void is best filled with memes and Gifs that best express how we want to react or how we feel in a certain situation. It does not only add humor but also creates a deeper connection and understanding between the sender and receiver. You don’t always have to have proper words for the message you want to convey; sometimes less is more as actions speak louder than words!

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