Fix Pname com Facebook Orca
10 Jan

Fix Pname com Facebook Orca

By admin

You do not have to delete the Facebook katana folder name, com.facebook.katana when you come across it on your phone. The folder name is not a virus and it doesn’t constitute a nuisance on your phone.

There has been a lot of controversial response on the Facebook katana folder that the folder is a virus or a malware. Some people have even claimed that the Katana folder is a created by a virus which makes some people become so scared that their phone has been hacked or their information has been compromised by an unknown hacker.

In fact, this brought about an argument on Android Central’s forum about the usefulness of the package on Android and iOS device. However, having gone through the details on the Katana and Orca folder I found out that the folder isn’t a virus.

Here I would give a detail information about the folder’s package name, whether you can delete or remove the folder or not, why the folder is created and how the folder is being created on your phone and of what benefits does it has.

Facebook Katana

What is Facebook Katana Folder?

Facebook Katana folder is a package name created by the Facebook app on all devices and the package name, com.facebook.katana is created automatically the moment the Facebook app is installed on your phone and once the Facebook app is removed or uninstalled the com.facebook.katana folder disappears.

The Katana folder is tied to the Facebook app and this can only be found on devices with the Facebook Messenger app.

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However, you will discover that if you don’t have the FB app installed on your smartphone and the only way you access Facebook site is via mobile browser or on your computer you will discover that there is nothing like com.facebook.katana folder on your device.

So, the presence of the Facebook mobile app brought about Katana folder on your phone just like the Orca folder which contains information about the Facebook Messenger app.

This is simply to tell you that all the Facebook app has a special folder to house all your information with a programming language which is different from the normal human language.

Should I Delete com. Facebook.katana

There is no point to remove the katana folder since the folder will be recreated automatically without your permission. The package name com.facebook.katana is part of the Facebook app to function very well on any device.

The only way to delete the folder is to uninstall the Facebook mobile app from your phone and be accessing your Facebook account on browsers.

Facebook Katana vs Orca

If you installed both the Facebook Messenger app and the Facebook app on your smartphone you will notice two different folders. The com.facebook.orca and the com.facebook.katana.

These two folders are for different purpose. With the com.facebook.orca folder you can retrieve deleted messages from your Facebook account on mobile using PC tricks while the katana folder contains major information of your Facebook app on mobile.

The two folders serve a different purpose and there is no way to delete either of them except for you to uninstall the app with the package name you want to remove.

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If you want to remove the Facebook katana folder you have to delete the Facebook app and for Facebook Orca folder you’ll have to remove or uninstall the Facebook Messenger app after which the folder (s) will disappear automatically.

In conclusion, the Facebook Katana folder with the package name com.facebook.katana and the Facebook Orca with the package name com.facebook.orca are neither virus no a malware. They are created automatically on your device when you install the Facebook Messenger or and the Facebook app to make the app function perfectly.