Chainlink Crypto Price and its History 
21 Dec

Chainlink Crypto Price and its History 

By admin

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain step by step enter the real-life sector, offering numerous options to facilitate work and improve different fields such as medicine, logistics, finances etc. When picking a crypto asset to invest in, you should not be guided by hype; instead, try to analyze a project on your own; for example, learn about:

  • The projects technology and benefits
  • Application and use cases
  • Supporters and investors 
  • Market capitalisation and trade volume
  • Price indicates and charts.

Today we would like to introduce you to a promising crypto platform connecting real-life enterprises with blockchain technologies – Chainlink.

What is Chainlink?

It is a decentralized platform that allows real sector companies to reach blockchain technologies and the benefits they provide. The platform is focused on smart contracts that can be used for many business cases, for example, logistics, agreements between parties on buying goods, etc. Chainlink offers access to Ethereum, Solana and other blockchains. Link is the native currency that participates in smart contacts execution on the platform. Link crypto price is $6.19 as of mid-November 2022. 

How Did the Link Price Change Lately?

We will use the WhiteBIT exchange charts to track the Link crypto price. Picking a one-year timeframe, we can see the asset reached the max level of $33.76, and the lowest price fixed was $6.25. Looking at the chart from the asset launch, we can see that until 2020, the Link price did not exceed one dollar. In 2022, the rate boosted to $52, which is the Link price all-time high.

If this asset interests you, feel free to buy it on the WhiteBIT exchange. It is an official platform of a centralized type that offers options to convert over 450 crypto pairs, including Link to USDT. A user can pick an appropriate version of the interface – beginner trader or advanced. 

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