Merrier Customers, Profiting (E)Commerce: 5 Tips for Mobile App Marketing for Holidays
29 Dec

Merrier Customers, Profiting (E)Commerce: 5 Tips for Mobile App Marketing for Holidays

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While the markets had been running dry in the past quarters, the rush of the holiday season has brought back new consumers into the picture. End-moment shoppers, party planners, reconnecting friends, touring lovers, and even hoarders – the holiday season attracts different kinds of consumers thanks to the slashing prices, and discounts. Given the pace of the past few months, it is even projected that E-commerce businesses can see a 4% growth in their ad performance before the year changes its appearance. But you can be remote from all this glittering success if your app does not attain high visibility and brand recall amongst the right audience. This is why your e-commerce mobile app marketing strategy for the holiday season needs to have a little ‘extra’ of everything – from personalization to offers. And thankfully, it isn’t too late yet. Leave the analytics to your mobile marketing platform, and go ahead try out these 5 strategies for mobile app marketing for e-commerce success: 

#1 Optimize the App Store Before the Season Peaks

One of the most underrated app marketing tips for the holiday season is App Store Optimization (ASO). While all the other strategies teach you to bring traffic to your app page, ASO techniques help you make sure that each directed user turns into a registered one. Let your app store page have a sprinkle of festive delight with new screenshots, keywords, and personalized messaging that catches the attention of the shoppers. This is also a great space to talk about temporary in-app features and offers that can benefit the users. 

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#2 Spread the Cheer with Personalized Notifications

Reconnect with the dormant app users with personalized push notifications, SMS offers, and email coupons that reflect on their purchase history. Make sure to deeplink each channel, so that your users do not have to scroll through the entire app to find one target page. You can also use universal linking to draw users from the web to specific pages in the app or your app store page, where all of the palpable offers are lined up. Either way – it’s a win-win for you! 

#3 Join Hands with Partners – Not Just for an Applause

App marketing tips that do not emphasize the importance of affiliates are greatly mistaken. Influencers and public figures are a crucial part of brand marketing, wherein they help to build a community for your business by pointing out the USPs of your products in a non-salesy setup. The unique content formats of influencers allow them to highlight different types of product features, making them equally attractive to users of all demographics. For instance, a micro-influencer with a niche in the fashion industry can greatly boost the sales of any accessory by creating a series of videos explaining its versatility. There’s no end to creativity, right?

#4 Customize Landing Pages to Address Seasonal Frenzy

Pastel shirts, long pants, and boring formals aren’t the dress codes of the cheerful season. Then why bother advertising your long line of leisure wear? If you’re more inclined to direct high-value customers from the web-to-app, one of the best app marketing tips is to design custom landing pages that display the extensive range of party outfits, gifting items, and other such seasonal delights available at the app. You may also create app-exclusive coupons that not only help you to acquire new users, but also convert them into regular shoppers through engagement techniques. 

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#5 Gamify the App Experience for the Holidays

Redo the theme of your app to make it fit into the holiday mood. App marketing for holiday season is all about indulging in the merriment of your audiences. So, there’s no better way to do it than gamifying your app. Pop a quiz, add seasonal badges for top shoppers, credit loyalty points, or simply create a spin-a-wheel to drive user engagement. Top up these in-app games with offers on your top-selling products, and there’s no stopping the users from making a purchase before they logout. Keep the balls rolling from season’s start to end for maximum returns. 

Putting it Together

If you’ve done it right, mobile app marketing for holidays can leave you with hundreds of orders and a community of users who expect you to deliver. And if you’ve been there, it is best to top up your holiday marketing plans with one more step – seamless customer support. Make sure you keep a team of dedicated personnel to resolve any issues with failed deliveries, payment lapses, and item unavailability. A tried and tested technique is to take trial runs of your marketing campaigns at a small scale before pressing for full deployment to check for any technical issues that may hamper the customer experience. Do remember – every order is a holiday greeting, so it should be equally exciting for you and the customer. 


Description: Mobile app marketing for eCommerce can be challenging, but equally rewarding if you play your cards well. So, here are the top 5 strategies you can use this season to boost your business.