18 Strategies to Grow a Facebook fan page for business or personal use
16 Feb

18 Strategies to Grow a Facebook fan page for business or personal use

By admin

18 Quick And Dirty Ways to Grow a Fan Base on Facebook

Are you thinking of setting up a brand new Facebook page for business purposes or personal use? Have you thought of strategies for encouraging people to become followers on your Facebook page? Relax, because I’m going to show you 18 strategies to grow your Facebook fan page for business or personal use.

Complete your Facebook page profile

Gain Facebook users trust by completing your “About page”. Make sure it clearly mentions what your page or business is and even highlight your brand’s or pages milestones. Additionally, make sure to complete all the sections related to your business by sharing an address, name, and phone numbers with your audience.

Write short engaging posts

Keep your Facebook posts precise, engaging and short. People usually stop reading posts when they are more than 200-250 words. A shorter post of 60-130 words results in optimal engagement. Make sure that your target audiences is online at that time of posting. For this, you can check Facebook insights to determine the best time that offers maximum engagement from you audience.

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Post engaging images as a regular part of a content strategy

Images have the capability of attracting human attention 300 more times than written content. Keep sharing captivating and relevant images on your Facebook page to increase engagement and reach on your page.

Start the conversation

Respond to questions as early as possible to earn the trust of potential new followers. You can hire a social media marketing expert for the above task if you’re following a busy schedule.

Optimize Facebook page with SEO:Make sure that you incorporate page relevant keywords in the title, about us section, and hashtags.

Invest in the Facebook video

Create a Facebook video strategy as it increases traffic and followers in an exceptional way.  No doubt, short Facebook clip or videos outperform photos in terms of engagement and reach. Make an engaging, educative and entertaining video of 1-2 minutes to give fans a quick viewing experience.

Encourage viewers to repost your Facebook videos on other social platforms and reward them with free giveaways. They can use a Facebook downloader to save videos so they can be repost them.

Promote the page by using the “Create Ad” tab

It’s a great Facebook’s feature to boost traffic and followers on your website. Create an ad promotion for your page by clicking “Create Ad” at the top menu bar above posts. After this option, Facebook creates a campaign based on your goals, targeted audience, and budget. As this is a paid campaign, ensure that your Facebook page represents your brand well and shares engaging posts that grab the audience’s attention.

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Give an invitation to existing contact

Invite your website and any of your ezine subscribers via email by saying something creative like “Share your thoughts on our Facebook wall” or “Join our Facebook community”.

Ask your employees and friends to like your page. Having a large number of followers makes an impact with the powerful social proof.

Post albums

Research has shown that albums increase one’s reach compared to than a single image. Upload photos and encourage followers to tag themselves. The tagging feature extends reach and visibility as your fans friends can watch your page on their timelines.

Offer discounts

For the Facebook business page, the idea of exclusive discount offers for Facebook fans has shown marvelous results in past. It’s a sure fire way to get more fans and more engagement with your audience.

Go through Facebook insights

Facebook insights tell you about which post/content is getting more hits and engagement of the audience. It’s a great tool that you must visit regularly to find the most engaging posts. Then, keep sharing or posting relevant content more often to receive the highest reach and engagement.

Choose a good cover photo

The cover photo is the first thing that viewers see after clicking to your Facebook page. Make sure that you choose a high-quality and eye catching cover photo for your visitors. Dimensions of Facebook page cover and profile images also frequently change, so keep updating images accord to official guidelines.


Infographics are the graphical representation of data and are some of the most shared images on Facebook. It’s no surprise that people love this type of image because people love data. People tend report this type of image because it’s easy to understand and can be viewed at a glance allow them to get information quickly.

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Incorporate Facebook URL in images

Add Facebook URL at the end of the images on every post you share. People definitely like your page as your post images get shared frequently on other profiles or pages.

Embed Facebook videos onto a blog or website

Try promoting your Facebook page by embedding a promotional video on your website or blog. Make sure that you incorporate high-quality and appealing videos in your social content strategies.

Arrange a partnership agreement

Make an agreement with a complimentary page to cross-promote posts. In this way, both Facebook business pages can gain audiences’ engagement and followers.

Write thoughtful comments on other Facebook pages

People are fond of reading the comments section of Facebook pages. Ensure that you keep engaging with thoughtful comments in response to other pages posts as a Facebook page rather than a personal profile.

Use print media

Use all marketing materials to promote your Facebook page. Mention your Facebook page link in your letterhead, newsletters, magazine ads, signages, business cards, products and banner ads.


If you follow these steps you will be well on your way to growing your Facebook fan page. We’d love to hear if you have any other suggestions or recommendations. Let us know by commenting below. Thank you.

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