Why Invest in Akoya Oxygen?
26 Mar

Why Invest in Akoya Oxygen?

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If you dream of living in a peaceful and family-friendly golf community, you might be interested in learning more about property in Akoya Oxygen, a sustainable, environmentally-friendly integrated project from DAMAC Properties. Offering 1,200 apartments for sale in Dubai and over 10,000 villas, the community is ideal for those who want to switch to an eco-friendly lifestyle. In addition, when you buy villas in AKOYA Oxygen DAMAC Hills 2, you will enjoy the resort amenities in a luxurious setting.

Akoya Oxygen is an eco-friendly community with real estate in Dubai

Akoya Oxygen, a DAMAC Properties project, is one of the popular green areas of the property for sale in Dubai. Residents of the community have access to gardens, parks, lakes, treadmills, and playgrounds.

Being an environmentally-friendly community, the development of Akoya Oxygen is well-thought-out, and all the building materials are energy efficient. The houses were well-designed to use daylight. The exterior of the buildings is low-CO2 painted, and the water heating systems are solar-powered.

Recycling also ensures that residents can contribute to combating climate change.

Housing prices in Akoya Oxygen to purchase a property in Dubai

The reason people want to invest in Akoya Oxygen is that it is one of the cheapest places to buy flats in Dubai. As the project is built, prices will rise, and the investment will bring a good return.

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AKOYA Oxygen is divided into smaller clusters with different types of real estate – villas for sale in Dubai, townhouses, and apartments. Most complexes of villas and townhouses are ready to move in, and clusters with off-plan properties for sale in Dubai are still under construction.

Let’s consider the most sought-after clusters in Akoya Oxygen to buy a villa.


Offering luxurious but inexpensive villas, Vardon ranks first in the list of clusters for buying villas in AKOYA Oxygen. Residents can use swimming pools, gardens, and outdoor terraces. In addition, the thoughtful design provides much natural light and less electricity consumption. Independent and adjacent villas are available in Vardon.

To buy a 3-bedroom villa in Vardon, you need to pay an average of AED 1,000,000. The return on investment in such housing is 4.75%.


The next most popular is PACIFICA, the serene community with artificial lakes. There are plans to open many entertainment places. 

The average cost of a 2-bedroom villa in PACIFICA is AED 1,140,000. A 3-bedroom one costs about AED 1,400,000. The return on investment for these units is 5.59%.


Sanctuary is another well-known cluster for buying villas in Akoya Oxygen. The houses offer unique views of the golf course, swimming pools, and landscaped gardens like in other off-plan projects in Dubai.

The average price of a 3-bedroom villa in Sanctuary is AED 1,100,000. A large 4-bedroom one costs about AED 1,170,000. The profitability of real estate is 5.27%.

A trustworthy real estate agency in Dubai can find you a suitable property

Learn more about Akoya Oxygen clusters and other residential communities in Dubai on AX Capital’s official website: https://www.axcapital.ae/.