Top 7 Reasons to Use WordPress to Design Your Website
28 Nov

Top 7 Reasons to Use WordPress to Design Your Website

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WordPress is one of the globally preferred and celebrated content management systems (CMS) by business owners and website designers. Over the years, the brains behind this CMS have being working tirelessly to create a platform and features that are in line with the website development trends.
If you are not yet sure whether to use WordPress to design your site, here are seven reasons that will hopefully convince you to go ahead and do that confidently. Your WordPress business website will rival your competitors and boost your online presence as well as sales.

Reason 1# WordPress is Cost Effective

The cost of creating a custom website from scratch can run into hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Irrespective of the size or nature of your business, you definitely want to save money but at the same time get value for money. WordPress is cost effective compared to other website builders in the market. The maintenance and upkeep expense is also relatively low since you can do most of the tasks yourself instead of contracting a design every time you need to add fresh content to your website.

Reason 2# You Can Update Your Website from Anywhere in the World

The beauty of having a WordPress Theme website is that you can make changes to it from anywhere in the world right from your computer. The only requirement is that you have a reliable internet connection.

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Reason 3# WordPress is Search Engine Optimization Ready

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most dynamic and complex things online business owners have to familiarize themselves with rest they fall behind competitors. WordPress developers and theme designers are aware of this fact and made sure that each theme is SEO friendly.
All WP themes have a simple and constant code that makes it for Google and other search engine bots to index the sites. It is also important to note that SEO components of each page can be customized to suit your preferences and enhance your ability to rank high on search engines.

Reason 4# Responsive Website Design

Website with a responsive design ranks higher and performs better than their counterparts whose design is static. All WordPress designed business websites are responsive, that is, you will automatically enjoy the benefits of a responsive web technology. You will not need to develop multiple websites for the difference devices that your target audience uses to access your site.

Reason 5# Ideal for Aggressive Content Marketing

In the current competitive online marketing space in Singapore and abroad, your website needs to have fresh content to rank high and deliver on its promises. WordPress is user friendly, so, you can update the site content as frequently and as many times as you would like. There are no complicated steps and no coding expertise is required. Note that updating your website content regularly will help build your credibility and show Google that you are an authority.

Reason 6# Robust Site Security

Security is of paramount importance when designing a new website. WordPress developers have over the years put in place strong firewalls that enhance security of users.

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Reason 7# Social Media Integration

There are more than 4 million social media users in Singapore alone. This huge number makes social media marketing essential to any business that wants to get a firm footing in the country. Luckily, all WordPress themes are designers for social media integration.
There you have it; these are the seven reasons why you should consider using WordPress to design your website. Get in touch with a professional website designer to help you select the right WordPress theme for your business and customize it to suit your needs.