Understanding The Four Useful Tools Of GoGoPDF
22 Feb

Understanding The Four Useful Tools Of GoGoPDF

By admin

GoGoPDF is one of the most recognized websites on the internet nowadays. Professionals built this website to help newbie individuals with their various PDF format problems that they might encounter at work. The PDF format is an essential format that allows you to access and open documents in any operating system and browser.


GoGoPDF is a free to use website with twenty-six different PDF tools. The website has a high-technology feature that helps you keep all your documents safe whenever you upload them to their system. As a newbie in the PDF format world, here are some of the useful tools that GoGoPDF offers for free:

PDF Conversion Tools

The file conversion tools are one of the most searched tools on the internet because of their high demand in the market, where files are discouraged from being sent without being converted to PDF format. By converting your files to PDF, you can easily attach and email the file to your recipients, and you can protect the file from any unwanted alterations.


GoGoPDF has different conversion tools such as PDF to PDFA Converter, PPT to PDF, JPG to PDF, and more, each with three quick steps. First, select and drop the file to the conversion box of GoGoPDF; second, wait until the tool will finish scanning and converting your file into a PDF format; third, and lastly, once it is done, you can download the file to your computer.

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Compress PDF

People who are new to the PDF format and are not yet familiar with converting Word to PDF, Split PDF and more might have difficulty understanding PDF files’ benefits. As a newbie, you should be familiar with the different tools and purposes of GoGoPDF. One of their helpful tools that are often neglected by many is the Compress PDF.


People usually neglect this tool’s purpose because they focus more on conversions and re-converting their files to their original format. Compress PDF helps you resize the huge documents into smaller ones without changing any format and compromising the document’s quality. It enables you to save up space in your hard drive or hard disk.


With GoGoPDF, just upload the file you want to compress to their conversion box; then, the website will start squeezing your file. Next, you have to extend your patience and wait until the process is complete; this might take a few minutes. Once the process is done, you can download your file to your respective computer.

Split PDF

This tool is known by many as a useful tool for organizing and arranging your PDF document. With this tool that GoGoPDF has, you can easily split a file document with 100 pages into smaller files by choosing the essential pages you need. With this tool, you can organize your file and free up some space on your desktop, hard drive to your computer.


This tool is useful when your supervisor wants you to remove some unnecessary pages from the document you created and wants it right away. GoGoPDF is the solution to that. You can split your file with just the following four steps. First, the basic, upload the file that you need to break into small documents.

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Once the file is uploaded, select how you want your file to split, press the button to begin the pages’ extraction. Afterward, the GoGoPDF Split tool will start separating the pages you into your desired PDF file; once done, you can freely download the latest PDF files you created.

Protect PDF FIles

To keep all your PDF files protected from unauthorized people or if the file you made is personal and should not be viewed by others, the Protect PDF tool is what you need. GoGoPDF has this useful tool that can help you add passcodes to your files whenever you have to keep them private.


It is not complicated at all because this GoGoPDF can help you add passcodes in three effortless steps. First, upload the file you want to protect to dropbox. Second, type down the password you want to use for your file following the necessary guides. Third, you can download your protected file to your device, or you can use the link provided and email it to your recipients.


GoGoPDF offers you all the necessary tools you need in your daily needs at work when it comes to your PDF files. These four tools mentioned above are some of the most needed ones when you work because of their unique benefits that can help you save space, organize and troubleshoot different files.