The Value of React JS Certification
23 Aug

The Value of React JS Certification

By admin

React JS is a JavaScript library used by developers to build user interfaces for websites and applications. This allows you to create beautifully interactive and functional websites and apps. JavaScript is essentially a scripting language that allows you to manage different content in form of graphics, forms, etc. on your website. React JS has been the most popular javascript for the past few years as it is an open-source library, allowing you to create interactive user interfaces. All the drop-down menu bars or forms to contact that you see on a website are built with the help of JavaScript. In a React JS course, you learn the basics and at times also cover native and react native which is another JavaScript framework that allows you to build apps for IOS and Android.

ReactJS is the future because it is a resourceful JS framework. It has the advantage of being versatile and easy to use, which is why it is used extensively to construct UI. When it comes to building simple views for various stages in an application, there are several benefits of ReactJS. It is also flexible in the sense that developers can change any component whenever they desire. The remaining portions of the application will remain unchanged. As a result, it provides broad business assistance and enables the creation of an unlimited number of websites.

React JS certification can be taken by anyone who wants to learn a new skill or have a career shift or progression. It is ideal for programmers, software developers, UI/UX developers and web developers to build UIs and to get good jobs. It is a skill set that really adds value to a person’s CV. 

What is React JS and JavaScript?

In simpler terms, JavaScript is the language used to write, create and control the content on websites. This content is dynamic in nature like graphics, forms, drop-down bars, etc. Everything interactive that you see on a website has been created using JavaScript. JavaScript is essential for any app or website development process. JavaScript libraries are essentially a collection of pre-written codes and React JS is one of them. React JS is the collection of UIs which are a collection of on-screen menus, buttons etc. Anything interactive that would require the user to take the action for the process to proceed is user interactive and comes under React JS. 

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React has two main features for developers – JavaScript Extension and Virtual DOM. DOM is the process that makes changes on the screen without the user having to make them manually. React JS provides fast and reliable solutions for most front-end programming issues. The installation is also pretty simple. You can easily install react on Mac. To be eligible to learn React JS, you must be familiar with how to develop front-end web and applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. There are certain prerequisites for pursuing a ReactJS course. Professionals must have a basic idea of object-oriented concepts as well as the fundamentals of programming languages such as JavaScript, CSS and HTML. They should also have some knowledge of other languages such as JSX, Git, CLI and Babel. 

Benefits of Learning React JS

React JS is essential for building interactive UIs easily. It is a collection of pre-written JavaScript codes. Learning React JS is beneficial because:


  • High Demand – The demand for developers who know React JS has increased in the past years as it has become popular in developing apps and websites. Companies like Facebook, Google and Netflix are looking for more and more web developers familiar with React JS. It has become a vital step in web development. Digital marketing firms, app development start-ups, agencies etc., seek front-end developers who know how to operate React JS.
  • Good Remuneration – Knowing how to operate React JS and develop apps and websites opens a number of job opportunities for you. These are mostly in bigger firms and start-ups that value your skillset and are willing to offer you good remuneration for it. React JS certification provides you with a skill set of high value to employers in the industry and are ready to pay you a handsome salary. The average annual salary of a ReactJS certified professional is between $100,816 and $110,711. In India, entry-level ReactJS certified developers can earn an average salary of Rs. 4,00,000 per annum. Developers certified in ReactJs, with experience of 5 to 6 years can earn an average salary of Rs 13,00,000 per year. With the increase in experience and skill set, there is a great chance of an increase in salary.
  • Efficient – One of the two features of ReactJS is to help make coding easy for developers. It simplifies the coding for the repetitive tasks in the library. The developers can use this to write repetitive codes for UI in development. Without this, it would be a tedious task for developers.
  • Resume Boost – Pursuing a ReactJS certification can give your resume a significant boost and give you recognition amongst potential employers. It will make you stand apart from your non-certified competitors.
  • Shareable Certificate – After completing a ReactJS certification course, you will receive a certificate that you can share on websites such as LinkedIn. This will help showcase to others that you are committed to learning and keeping yourself relevant to the market trends.
  • Various Job Roles – Once you have pursued a ReactJS certification course, you can pursue several job roles such as full-stack, front-end or web developers.
  • Easier Language to Learn – React JS is an easier language to learn in coding compared to other frameworks. If you are familiar with the working and basics of JavaScript then it is easy for you to catch up with the functioning of React. Hence, it becomes easier to develop applications and websites. 
  • Components – A web application using React JS is made from various components. These components have their own individual functionality and control and are responsible for the output of HTML codes. These codes are reusable in nature and hence, can be used to build complex components as well. 
  • Improved Performance – One of the main features of React JS is the Virtual DOM. It helps write HTML codes on a virtual DOM platform like a web browser of the actual DOM which helps in the smoother and faster functioning of the components. 
  • More SEO Friendly – React JS helps the developers be easily navigated through various search engines. 
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React JS provides developers with a large JavaScript library, which makes it easier for them to choose what they want and makes the whole process more flexible. React JS applications are easy to test. It helps the developers test their applications and debug codes with the help of some native tools. It provides the developers with an easier working experience and allows them to change any component at any point in time without taking too much time and disturbing the other components in the application.

React JS provides developers with the ease they require for developing complex and interactive web applications and user interfaces. It allows them to do so in a much lesser timeframe. Because of its advancement, SEO friendliness, user-friendly and responsive features, it is becoming more and more relevant in the market. It has become popular among app developing agencies, start-ups and bigger companies like Google, Facebook etc. Employers are valuing and looking for this particular skill-set while hiring front-end developers. They are promoting its learning and are offering good remuneration to candidates who are well-versed with it.

Author Bio: Rajesh is a Certified Digital marketer with 4.5 years of experience in Seo, Inbound Marketing, Smo, Content Marketing and Influencer Marketing.Industries served for E-commerce, Manufacturing, Real-estate, Education and Marketing Agency.