SEO Changes in 2019: Customer Experience and Accountability
05 Dec

SEO Changes in 2019: Customer Experience and Accountability


As various technological possibilities and advancements emerge on the 2009 horizon, this period may be most exciting for marketers. Artificial Intelligence (AI), consumer experiences and granularity in tracking futuristic hopes of not so long ago are now ordinary.

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Google still retains the lion’s share of the search market. Nearly 80% of consumers are turning to this search giant for answering their every requirement. Such queries are expressed by mobile, voice or both.

The brave new world of SEO is beckoning and Best SEO company in India is adapting to it. Following aspects will help in setting your sights and focus on the best organic search performance in 2019:

Consumer Experience and Organic Search

Currently, the path to purchase is as unique as each customer. However, there are still some compelling trends in consumer search behavior.

Consumers are not just seeking to identify a service or product for meeting their needs. They are using search to learn everything they can about the whole consumer experience. Wait times searched through mobiles, have grown by 120%. For instance, customers want to know about the whole deal: when is the business open, how to locate it, what it looks inside out, the nature of service, how much should they tip and many more.

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Because of the boom of the internet, there have emerged different touch-points for marketers to connect with customers. As per Google research:

  • Consumers broaden and narrow their consideration set in unpredictable and unique moments.
  • Some consumers are obsessed with doing research on brands before buying.
  • Even after the purchase, the search activity will continue as consumers seek to optimize their experience with a product or service.
  • Searchers have changed to be highly detail-oriented and each fact generates new chances for engagement of brands.

Use of Artificial Intelligence

The integration of AI-powered search features is enabling brands to reach customers in more meaningful, granular ways. In 2018, nearly 60% of enterprise marketers made plans to use AI in their content marketing. 31% said AI provided a better understanding of their customer and 27% said it drove more time savings and productivity.

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Though consumers are doing more frequent searches, they are not necessarily delving deeper into the results. Searchers expect that AI of Google will helm the load and sort the best answers for them. Hence, when they try various queries and search to compare solutions, the number one Google result even now gets 28% of the clicks.

Tips for Search Performance In 2019

  • Master understanding of personas and audiences.

Personas help to create, ideate, distribute, promote and optimize content most likely to resonate with desirable buyers.

  • Understand customer in detail

Having such big buckets of audience kinds in hand, you can start getting a more granular and truly personalized experience. SEO marketing agency India will find it highly useful.

  • Use ML (Machine Learning) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) for mining data, enhancing scale and efficiency.
  • Measure beyond the click: Go beyond click and rank data with truly interdepartmental and omnichannel measurement.
  • Publicize your SEO efforts and successes: Celebrate successes often and promote the requirement for change that needs to happen while your SEO strategy evolves.
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2019 is ripe with SEO opportunity for marketers devoted to consumer experience and experts in machine learning and AI arenas.