IsoHunt Proxy – Working 100%* Unblock IsoHunt
13 Apr

IsoHunt Proxy – Working 100%* Unblock IsoHunt

By priyanaidu

IsoHunt Proxy – Working 100%* Unblock IsoHunt

Many torrent sites are being blocked till dated because they leak the copyrighted content without the owner’s consent or knowledge. This is why proxy sites are created to fill the gap of the original torrent site. Likewise, the proxy sites are very much similar to the original site.

IsoHunt was one such torrent site that was shut down back in 2013 due to some legal issue. Although the original site has been shut down, but it has many working proxy sites. On the contrary, IsoHunt proxy sites are very similar to IsoHunt original website and consist of the same data and features.

What is IsoHunt?

As already mentioned above, IsoHunt is one of the popular torrent search engines. You can download, browse, upload or search torrent files on this site. Specifically, you can download movies, music and, software from this site.

The site was banned and shut down back in 2012 because of its pirated content. Legal action was taken against this site by Motion Pictures Association, America or, the MPAA due to IsoHunt’s violation of copyright rules.

Nonetheless, there are many IsoHunt proxy sites available that are very similar to IsoHunt.

Why IsoHunt service?

Not all of us can buy subscriptions for legal sites and apps to download and watch content. All the latest and popular content is available for free on IsoHunt. In addition, you can save yourself from the subscription charges.

It is compatible with different devices, be it smartphone or PC, as it has a high-quality interface. Simultaneously, torrent sites that get blocked frequently can use this, as a good alternative.

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This site is always up-to-date. Hence, it never misses out on new contents. Done are the addition of the of new contents regularly. Besides, it provides many downloading options.

Therefore, IsoHunt is very user-friendly, and this makes everyone choose IsoHunt.

How to Unblock IsoHunt content?

Because of illegal content, the IsoHunt is blocked, in many countries. The main IsoHunt site was blocked many years ago, back in 2013. So, now you must be wondering, how we can use a website that has been blocked long ago?

Ways to get IsoHunt unblocked.

To unblock IsoHunt, we have to connect to a VPN server. Consequently, the VPN allows safe and secure access to the site, you don’t have to worry about getting caught and jailed as it hides your IP address and location.

To connect to the VPN server, you need to install the VPN app on your device. Meanwhile, after installing the VPN software, go to the VPN app and open it. Then connect to any of the strong servers that appears on the screen.

Finally, after connecting to the server, go to the IsoHunt site. After that, you will get safe and secure access. Hence, this is how you unblock IsoHunt content using a VPN server.

Furthermore, there are lots of IsoHunt proxy sites that you can access and use easily. You can also access the mirror sites of IsoHunt to download the content.

Therefore, these are some ways to get IsoHunt unblocked.

Proxy for isoHunt

Since the original isoHunt site was taken down back in 2013, however, there are many IsoHunt Proxy sites with similar content and features to the original IsoHunt website. Here are some of the working isoHunt proxy sites.

  • Proxy 1  
  • Proxy 2   
  • Proxy 3   
  • net (VPN required)
  • to (VPN required)
  • Proxy 4  
  • Proxy 5   
  • Proxy 6   
  • Proxy 7  
  • Proxy 8    
  • Proxy 9    
  • fun (VPN required)
  • tv (VPN required)
  • ch (VPN required)
  • unblocked (VPN required)
  • unblocked
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These are some of the working IsoHunt working proxy and mirror sites.

100% Working isoHunt Proxy and Mirror Sites

These sites given below are 100% working. Below mentioned are the proxy mirror sites. Banned are the original sites in many countries. However, the users can access the original site by connecting to a VPN server.

Here is the list of working IsoHunt proxy and mirror sites.

Proxy and Mirror Sites                                                    Speed
·                                                         Very Fast
·                                                           Very Fast
·                                                           Very Fast
·                                                         Very Fast
·                                                          Very Fast
·                                                               Very Fast
·                                               Very Fast
·         IsoHunt Torrent Mirror                                            Very Fast
·         IsoHunt Alternative Mirror                                        Very Fast
·         IsoHunt 3rd Party Proxy                                           Very Fast
IsoHunt Alternatives in 2021

Blocked is the IsoHunt site in many countries. So, it cannot be accessed. However, there are many cool alternatives available.  Hence, you can access them easily. Here, are some of the best alternatives of IsoHunt.

Rarbg Proxy

The Rarbg website provides both torrent files and magnate links. Furthermore, using the BitTorrent protocol facilitates peer-to-peer file sharing. All the latest and popular movies, music, TV shows, games and, software are available for free. Additionally, this site is very secure to use.

Piratebay Proxy

The oldest torrent site launched in 2002 in Sweden was the replicacy of this software. Subsequently, it also uses the BitTorrent protocol and facilitates peer-to-peer file sharing among the users. Also, people of different countries are its uploaders. Meanwhile, it has nearly 25 languages content. Consequently, the original site gets shut down repeatedly, but many pirate-bay proxy sites are available on the internet.

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ExtraTorrent Proxy

ExtraTorrent Proxy happens to be one of the top 5 torrent websites. Besides, it has a huge collection of movies, TV shows, music, games and, software available for free.

1337x Proxy

It is also a very popular torrent site. Equally, it has a huge collection of contents that are available for free.

Limetorrents Proxy

It is the torrent file search engine. In addition, Limetorrents database is a combination of various torrent websites. Therefore, when you search for content, it will bring the search results from other websites.

Torrentz2 Proxy

It is very popular. Hence, you can access this site through a lot of intermediaries. Moreover, a great deal of web crawlers helps you find the files that you are seeking to download.

YourBit Torrent

Earlier it was a part of BitTorrent. Later in 2009, with the split in ownership, the YourBitTorrent emerged as a separate and independent BitTorrent site. Accordingly, this site does not host files but hosts the file links of other sites.

YTS Proxy

It is a peer-to-peer file-sharing site. In the same way, it distributes video content like movies and TV shows in HD quality for free. However, this is why this site has become so popular over the years.

Demonoid Proxy

It is a BitTorrent tracker and website. Also, this has a file-sharing discussion forum and contains a searchable index. Additionally, it has a huge collection of movies, TV shows and games.