Introducing Vidmate 2019 – Vidmate APK Download
22 Feb

Introducing Vidmate 2019 – Vidmate APK Download

By admin

Introduction to Vidmate 2019. Vidmate 2019 is the outstanding video downloader app for all theAndroid smartphones, phablets, and tablets.

We are all aware of Vidmate, the power download manager of Android. The application provides users a top rated budget-friendly solution, being available at free of cost with unlimited free downloads. Users can download anything like video, movies, audios and even other applications from Vidmate.

Also, the application has a very user-friendly interface providing all kinds of benefits for the users. There are different versions of Vidmate apk download, but, today we are going to discuss its latest version- Vidmate 2019 and its features.

Vidmate 2019 Apk

This is the latest version of Vidmate packed with tons of advanced features like the previous versions but having greater security. It has a huge exposure to all kinds of trending topics and provides you with too many useful suggestions for the relevant videos so that you don’t miss anything.

Features of Vidmate 2019

  1. Interactive UI

Vidmate application has always maintained a user-friendly organized UI. The new version also follows the same pattern but is more active in terms of user interaction compared to the previous versions. It features a checklist of all trending movies and videos in its dedicated sections like ‘Video’, ‘Music’, ‘Entertainment’, ‘Comedy’etc.

Users can pick the respective categories and locate their desired video contents, music videos, movies instantly. Apart from these dedicated sections, the application all features all recent videos in its home page to choose from. For a more extensive search, you can browse through the several video streaming channels like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion etc to search for your favorite videos.

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For a more filtered option, you can just enter a few letters of your searched content in the manual search bar, and the latest version will immediately load the result with plenty of useful suggestions.

  1. Multi-language Support

The Vidmate 2019 version supports all kinds of regional languages like Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi, Tamil etc along with main language English. The feature has been proved highly beneficial for all kinds of users. Now Downloading, online streaming has become easier for users across the world.

  1. Advanced HD Downloader

The 2019 version has extended its support to plenty of websites to let users download any kind of videos across the web. Users now can download unlimited contents in full HD quality manually from anywhere as well as from the application’s integrated websites and categories.

They can download the files in any kind of resolutions like 144p, 240p, 360p, 720p to full HD quality as per their choice. Also, they can convert the video files into Mp3 and Mp4 audio file format to extract only the soundtracks from video files. You can start, stop, pause the downloads anytime and even browse your downloaded file history in the ‘History’ section.

  1. Save Device Storage Space

Vidmate 2019 is available in apk format for download which enables users to save plenty of storage space in their device for other applications and contents. The downloading speed is lightning fast in the latest version. You can install the latest version of Vidmate from here Vidmate Download


If you are already using Vidmate application or looking forward to downloading it, go for the latest version of 2019. It is going to provide you with the best user-friendly downloading experience chopping off all your browsing efforts.