Improve from a normal mouse to a gaming mouse today
21 Feb

Improve from a normal mouse to a gaming mouse today

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When you are hunting down an exemplary mouse for your laptop, one might believe any kind might do the trick. What most people do not know is that there is a variation between the two. For you to understand clearly, I will take you through a few differences between the two types of mice. After we are done with this article, you will be in a good position to make the right decision while choosing the best mouse that meets your daily needs.


One vital distinction between normal and gaming is their responsiveness. That means that a mouse that has a high DPI (dot per inch) will have a much higher responsivity. Looking at these characteristics and comparing them, I can conclude to say that gaming mouse has the highest responsiveness which makes it the more efficient and effective one to use. Observing one example, when you take the regular mouse and you compare their DPIs, the regular mouse has DPI stretching from 1000-1500 whereas cheaper playing mouse has a DPI going from 3000 and above. With a higher sensitivity, a gaming mouse can react accurately even when you are playing a memory intensive computer game.

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Durability/ performance.

When comparing the two mice attainment and longevity, gaming mice are long-lasting. Equipment used while making them are true of high-quality materials that assist them in delivering better performance. Making it the ideal one. So, if you want something long-lasting even after using it for longer periods, I can recommend going for a gaming mouse. One such example is the Razer gaming mouse.

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Comfort plus ergonomic.

Given that you need to spend many hours using computers, you should probably select a mouse which is comfy and ergonomic. Gaming mice are extremely cozy and enjoyable as they are created in a way that will give your wrist relaxation despite working with them for long hours. Many gaming mice manufacturing companies take delight in designing and producing these mice which improves user experience as well as soothes your hand unlike normal ones. That’s one of the main reasons which makes gaming mice the best choice for comfort. 

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Another cool characteristic that gaming mice have is they have extra buttons on its side. Contrary to regular mice which have two or three knobs, gaming mice have up to 5 or 6. These buttons can be customized, meaning that one might decide to program them to meet their playing preferences. That’s one huge advantage they have over regular mice, which only have the left and right click buttons.

Turning off.

Gaming mice do not turn off even after their inactivity, contrary to the normal mouse which comes with power-saving characteristics which makes it turn off when it has been inactive. If you decide to work with a gaming mouse, you can be certain of never encountering any hold up in connection to your computer.

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Some drawbacks to consider

While there are many advantages to using this mouse, there are also some disadvantages to using them. For starters, they are very costly when buying. That’s one leading drawback of a gaming. But they don’t have to be costly, you can find one online at a fair price. An average gaming mouse ranges between $70-100 while the premium mice could cost up to $100. Pretty much expensive, right?

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In conclusion, you can use a gaming mouse for gaming or doing other activities on your computer. However, you might find it hard to use a normal mouse for more high-intensity gaming. Assuming you want to perform better or doing other duties while using your mouse, using a gaming mouse would be the best choice for you. So, you should consider investing in a gaming mouse today.