How to Use Instagram Story for the Business Purpose
22 Oct

How to Use Instagram Story for the Business Purpose

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Nowadays the social media are now the platforms where we can get the new of everything. On social media you can see the people’s status such as what they are eating, what they are drinking, where they are right now and so on. The same things are happening in the Instagram in the form of the Instagram stories. On the Instagram story people are publishing their statuses for 24 hours only.

Beside Instagram story can also used for business purposes. Most of the brands and businesses on Instagram are already getting benefits from the Instagram in the mean of the promotions. Here we are putting some tips and guidelines on how you can use the Instagram story for the business purpose.

How to View Instagram Story

The Instagram story will appear on the top of the home screen this is the reason why people are more engaging with the Instagram story and why it is best for the business or brand promotions let’s take a look on the steps of viewing the Instagram story.

Open Instagram Application

For viewing the instagram stories you first need to need to open the Instagram application and then click on the home button. Remember one thing that the Instagram stories are not available on the desktop version so you need to login to the mobile application for viewing the stories.

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Click on the Circle on Top

Once you have opened the Instagram application, on the top of the home screen you will see the circles, actually these circles are the Instagram stories of the people to whom you have followed, these stories are sorted according to time of the update always latest publish story appears on the first. Well now click on the circle after some loading (depending on the speed of internet connection) the story will show. If the story is the picture then it will take less time in loading or if the story is video then it will take more time.

Tap to Switch on Next Story

The important fact is that you cannot be just an anonymous viewer as the Instagram users can see who have viewed the story so far. Once you have opened the story, if you want to switch on the next story then simply tap for a single if the same user posted the more stories then you will move to the next one otherwise you will automatically move to stories of the next user.

Swipe to Switch on Other User

You can also directly switch to other user. If you swipe left or right during view the Instagram story you will automatically move to other user’s stories.

How to Make Instagram Story

Creating the instagram story is not a big problem, you just need to follow some guidelines and steps then you will see you will be perfect in making Instagram story.

Open the Instagram

For creating the Instagram story you first need to launch the Instagram application, on the home screen you will see the camera icon on the left top corner of the screen.

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Choose the Photo or Video

You can choose the photo or video from the gallery. If you are looking for more views on the Instagram story then you have two ways i.e. buy Instagram story views it is fast way and paid on the other hand create the unique and eye catchy content. If you don’t have any pictures or video in the gallery then you can capture the picture or video from the camera lens. In camera lens you will find some features are given below.

  •         Normal – this mode is used for capturing the normal picture and recording normal video
  •         Live – Use this mode if you want to go for live with audience.
  •         Boomerang – you can create the short clip in the loop
  •         Superzoom – Use this mode if you want to focus on the specific object
  •         Rewind – This mode play the video in reverse
  •         Hands Free – With the help of this mode you don’t need to press the capture button for long

Publish Your Instagram Story

Once the Instagram story is created now its time to publish the story. Click on the next button then click on the share button, you can also share it to your followers on the direct message so how you can get more views on your story.

Use the Instagram Story for Business Purpose

As we mentioned you can use the Instagram story for the business purpose and you can get more engagement by Instagram stories. There are many ways in which you can use the Instagram story for the business purpose. Some of the ways are mentioned below.


Upload the Videos of Official Events

Always upload the videos of the events you have attended, by this you are letting know your audience about your lifestyle and how you are doing the business. In short words you are increasing your reputation.

Reveal the Breaking New

Revealing the news on Instagram story means you can tell the people about the upcoming events, or the products that you are going to launch in the future, you can also announce the promotion and so on.

Review the Product

If you are going to launch the new product then must share the review of the product on the live video, you can tell the people about the features of the products, how to use the products and how it is better from previous products and etc.

Mention the Companies Those Worked with You

This is another best way for engaging more people and increasing the followers. If you mentioned the reputed company that works with you, then might be you will gain more views and engagement on your story actually you are creating the bond between you and the company.