How to Use Email to Get More Instagram Followers
09 Jan

How to Use Email to Get More Instagram Followers

By admin

How to Using Email Marketing to Boost Instagram Followers

An innovative and brilliant way of utilizing email marketing to boost your business is by effectively incorporating your fascinating posts into your Instagram account, thereafter, into all your business emails. If you see private Instagram marketing strategies, email marketing has traditionally been based primarily on textual content. However, on several occasions, you would find that the recipients would not even bother to open your emails. They would frequently delete them without even reading them. To solve this grave issue of people often forsaking their emails completely, you could consider infusing the fascinating content of your Instagram into your emails. There are many such effective and innovative ways of integrating the two versatile marketing platforms.

Use High-Quality Product Pictures on Instagram & Incorporate Them into Your Email

You could upload high-quality pictures of your products on Instagram and consider incorporating those attractive product pictures into your emails. You could consider sending even the screenshots of your Instagram posts directly to your email subscribers and all other recipients.  You may even consider sharing the links of all your relevant Instagram posts to all your email recipients and it would prove to be effective both ways. You must ensure that the recipients do not require waiting for too long and they should get the opportunity to see your content directly. You may seek professional assistance from a reputed digital company to buy real Instagram likes.

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Use Brilliant Pictures of the Contest Winners

You must organize a number of fascinating and fun contests on Instagram and other powerful social media marketing platforms. This would effectively generate sound knowledge about your products and brand awareness. This would act as an effective incentive for many users who are interested in participating and you may consider sharing their social media account profiles and their pictures that they have already submitted on your business’s official Instagram page. The winners of the contest would enjoy the adulation and new found fame and this, in turn, would generate a lot of goodwill and popularity for your business and brand. You may include lovely pictures of some of your happy customers as that would surely demonstrate to all your email recipients that you are dealing with real people who have actually used your specific products and thoroughly liked them and are happy with the product quality. This would generate new interest in your products and encourage more people to try your products. Photos of happy customers actually, influence many potential customers into making the right move.

All Upcoming Deals and Discounts

Remember to include a link to your Instagram business profile in all your emails and encourage recipients to follow and like your posts. If you have built a community of interested followers via email campaigns, it only makes sense to recruit them to be your first followers on a new social venture you are taking up, because they are the most likely to acquiesce. Of course, they might not be willing to do this for free, so you should sweeten the deal for them by offering special discounts to everyone who follows you via a link sent out over email. This will achieve the desired goal (more social followers) at not much cost and will considerably improve your brand image and encourage more people to jump on the bandwagon when they hear their acquaintances received great benefits when they followed you. It boosts visibility, encourages engagement and is definitely the way to go.

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You may consider the above-discussed techniques to integrate seamlessly your Instagram feed into your email marketing stratagem. These techniques are extremely robust and powerful and a step in the right direction to break the conventional or stereotypical approach we are used to coming across in several marketing departments. However, we are aware that real cross-channel campaigns would be necessitating you to go one more step further. By integrating both social and email together, you could make the most of both the platforms and reap the benefits of the strengths of both the channels. If this is done perfectly, it would not only lead to a phenomenal boost in your email subscriber list and certainly in your overall Instagram fan base but this would also, facilitate in fortifying your overall brand image and presence.

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