How to become a “lazy and efficient” Android developer
06 Apr

How to become a “lazy and efficient” Android developer

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Life is a process of constantly accepting new ideas and overthrowing the past. New android app ideas Like related to Artificial intelligence or internet of thing can change your life. Technology world is changing very fast and the only constant is change.

Use advanced tools and methods to complete your work quickly and with quality and quantity.

Start with the best understanding of the “tools”

Workers must first sharpen their tools. First, as an android developer, I don’t recommend using eclipse as a development tool. android studio is a good choice. Sometimes it is more important than hard work. Some colleagues with some training experience tell me. My trainer said that “the real big cow is programmed with notepad”, I just want to say that it is still possible to blow the bulls, and don’t listen to it. In addition, I will not be pure. Mouth talk about it, I learned that most android developers from eclipse to android studio difficulties and doubts after I wrote a few articles about android studio, my collection android studio

It’s important to be familiar with development tools. Many times, you can quickly solve some complicated and cumbersome things, and let you free yourself to do what you really want to do.

Let’s talk about the “method”

Everything must have its own rules to follow, understand him, get acquainted with it, and make smart decisions. In a confused situation, people can easily make stupid decisions. I really appreciate people who do things wrong and dare to correct themselves. Individuals are more pedantic and obviously wrong, but they are stubborn and stubborn. In the end, even some of them I call them villains. Why do you say this? Not only do you not admit mistakes, but also push the consequences of making wrong decisions to others. If you talk too much, the topic is a bit off. The way I want to say is about software engineering.

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Software exists because of the demand, so the life cycle of the software is inevitably related to the demand. Understanding the demand is far more important than rushing to write the code. Otherwise, you spend a lot of energy and do a product that the customer does not need. This is something that everyone does not want to see. ending.

How to understand what customers are saying? In fact, this aspect is more helpless, most customers can not describe their needs well, as developers can only explore and bring some guesses to achieve customer needs, as the developer’s most collapsed news is that the demand has changed, I think this problem Can not be generalized, there are two aspects, one is that customers really need to change the demand, and that is, we do not understand the real needs of customers.

Say so much helplessness, say something that our developers can do, do a good job in the early design work (software design) and adjustments in the development process (code refactoring) to make the software developed by ourselves to perfect (satisfy the demand):

  • Software design is
    based on the principle of design , combined with the actual needs of the design software, do not come up to write code, and do not over-design (some requirements are purely self-conceived), develop a practical and feasible solution, through the process of development through the heavy The structure is gradually improved.
  • Code refactoring
    optimization design, adjusting code structure level, etc., with the deepening of development, the understanding of requirements will be relatively deep, and refactoring needs to be done every day, instead of waiting until the initial design is not working, this time it is too late.
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Talk about how fast and high quality work is done

It’s not easy, copying and pasting is not enough. What you want to do is available on the Internet. If you want to think so completely, then congratulations, your programming level is still at the programmer’s level. It has nothing to do with working hours. Why do I say this? This kind of “fast” is obvious. It can be saved in the coding stage, which can save a lot of work, but in fact, development only accounts for a small part of the software life cycle. Inappropriate examples, like children in life, the development stage is equivalent to the process of having children, and the maintenance stage is equivalent to the process of raising children. For many domestic software that is not developed and maintained, it is like a child who has no one in life. It’s easy to die. The real fast is reflected in the maintenance phase of the software. In fact, the role of code refactoring is an on going process that makes the software easier to maintain and extend.

Speaking more abstractly, let’s talk a little bit more, how to make the code you write reach the “easy to maintain and expandable” requirements

  • First, understand the software life cycle and understand the software deeply.
  • Learn design patterns to help understand and solve some common problems and design a good software architecture
  • Understand the necessity of code refactoring, the important thing to say three times (code refactoring, code refactoring, code refactoring)
  • I am used to reading the source code and reading the code written by others. This is an important way for programmers to improve their programming level. It cannot be ignored. Many people think that this thing is very easy to understand but it is very difficult to do. Here are a few words of my experience in reading source code. Watching flowers, reading with questions”
  • Learn to try the latest technology, keep the beginner’s attitude, never work for 5 years but only 1 year of practical work experience, lifelong learning can keep yourself fresh
  • Cherish life, stay away from unemployed overtime, respect the basic laws of life, eat, rest, sleep, exercise, accompanying loved ones, lover, children, friends…
  • Don’t be impetuous, eager to seek success, step by step, steady and steady
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Finally, bring a bowl of chicken soup to the students who are still lost in their studies.

Don’t be afraid that the technology you are learning is useless, I’m afraid that you won’t use it, not enough.
Don’t be afraid of the teacher and sister who started before you. Do you think there is a schoolmate next to you?
Think about those who are better than us but who are harder than us. How much time do you have lost and squandered?
There are no shortcuts in life, work hard, juvenile! !

At last

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