Game of Thrones Wallpapers: Get Them and Prove You Are a Die Hard Fan
08 Jun

Game of Thrones Wallpapers: Get Them and Prove You Are a Die Hard Fan

By admin

All of you might have heard the name of the series Game of Thrones and most of you might have watched it too. It is one of the most popular tv series that has got immense love from people all over the world. This famous tv series is watched by 10 million people all over the world.

Not only youngsters but middle-age group people also enjoy watching this amazing series. The craze and love for Game of Thrones have increased exponentially after the release of its every season. The characters, screenplay, the direction of this series is so awesome that people have just fallen in love with it. Many people have also kept the game of thrones wallpapers on their desktop screens and mobile screens due to their immense love towards this tv series.

The story of this tv series is really wonderful. The medieval drama that this series creates has remained successful in making a lot of people its fan. People have just gone crazy after seeing the episodes full of ultimate climax. Each and every episode of this tv series end up with grand climax which lures the viewers to watch the next episode at the very next moment.

The whole setup done in the episodes look very much realistic, thanks to the expert graphic designers who put a lot of effort into making them look real. Each and every object in the game such as the kings, dragons, the swords, the ghosts, the castles, knights and weapons have got a lot of detail. The characters are also set up doing a lot of research and planning.

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The climax with which the episodes end up shows how shrewd the makers and scriptwriters are. The narration, direction, script and the sets are fantastic and so you are thoroughly entertained throughout the whole 7 seasons. Now, the final season, season 8 has also arrived so just get excited about it.

The final season of Game of Thrones, season 8 started on April 15, Monday. This season will be six episode-long seasons. The fans have waited for more than a year for the final season.


The trailer of this entitled “Crypts of Winterfell”, ran on TV and people have just gone mad after seeing it. The clip shows Sansa Stark, Jon Snow, and Arya Stark in the crypt under their ancestral home. There is a voiceover from Catelyn Stark who was killed in the third season almost five years ago in the “Red Wedding” episode.

The season started from where the previous season left off. The Army of the Dead has traversed the wall and already made their way to Winterfell. The scenes are jam-packed with cryptic clues in typical GoT-style. There is a voiceover from Lyanna Stark (Jon Snow’s real mother) and Ned Stark also.

The first episode of this season got aired in Britain and the US simultaneously. The filming of the final season got wrapped in early July with the last official day of filming was 6 July 2018. Arya Stark posted a photo with the caption “Goodbye Belfast. goodbye, Arya. Goodbye Game Of Thrones. What a joy I’ve had. Here’s to the adventures to come #lastwomanstanding #barely”. What does this post mean? Is she dead? Is she the last woman standing really? Will all the other major characters die or what? We will know this at the end of the season only so let’s keep calm and enjoy watching the final season.

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The final season will hit screens sometime in the first half of 2019. The announcement of the exact premiere date is yet to be done but the rumors saying that the season might get delayed have ended with HBO reporting that all the six episodes will be released before 31 May 2019. It means that the premiere will have to be shown no later than 21 April.


If you are a true GOT fan, then you must get the game of thrones wallpapers for your mobile and desktop. The wallpapers are available on the internet and you can download it to put on your desktop screen or mobile home screen.

The wallpapers of the different characters such as Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Khal Drogo, Cersei Lannister, Tyrion Lannister, Arya Stark, Sansa Stark and many more are available. So, don’t forget to get the wallpaper of your favorite character of GOT. If you are not interested in getting the wallpaper of any character, then probably look for the wallpaper of the series as a whole.

So, here was a brief overview of Game of Thrones and its wallpapers which you should definitely get for your phone and computer screen to prove that you are a die-hard fan of the series. Now, with the arrival of the final season, the excitement and thrill are going to get doubled so don’t forget to watch it!

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