Are web 2.0s still effective?
03 Jan

Are web 2.0s still effective?

By admin

Are Web 2.0 still that effective to build backlink to our sites

Are web 2.0 links still effective in 2019? Well, that’s exactly will be going over in this post. Hi, my name is Zukais and I’m an SEO consultant. And I’ll be answering this question for you.

I’ve personally built many web 2.0s in the past and I’m still building them.  that probably gives you an indication to the answer. Web 2.0s  are still very effective if you know how to build them properly.

You can’t build web 2.0 like you used to. Using spun content and a one-page site. And then blasting it with a bunch of links to juice it up.  No,  instead,  you have to treat a web 2.0 as a real website. Put up valuable content and build up social profiles.

Here’s how I create my web 2.0s:

First,  I purchase some expired web 2.0s. I find them on places like Fiverr.  Now, I don’t directly get a link from the Fiverr Giggs,  I just get the web 2.0.

After I’ve got a bunch of expired web 2.0s,  I create some content. So these will be 300-word articles. And I put three of these 300-word articles per web 2.0.

After I’ve published these articles, I make sure to interlink the articles.  Make sure there’s good SEO going on and it looks like a real website. After I’ve done that,  I make sure I link out to the page I want to rank.  I like to include a bunch of links to authority websites in each article. This makes it looks more natural and it’s a good SEO practice.

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Also,  make sure you’re constantly changing up the theme. So with the Weebly,  make sure you’re constantly switching between different themes.  You don’t want to one theme occurring over and over again. This will look suspicious.

Now, you want to create some other pages. You want to create a contact us page,  about page,  and make sure your articles appear on the homepage. If the link is not on the homepage, it will have little to no SEO effect. So make sure the article or blog is on the home page.

It doesn’t have to be anything incredible. just make sure you’ve got email there or a contact form. (There’s no need to link up the contact form with the email)

After this is done,  you want to create some social profiles. You just want a link to your web 2 property within the social profiles.

You can use Twitter,  Pinterest,  DeviantArt,  and the list goes on. The more the better. This will also help your web 2 get indexed.

Also, when you’re building these web 2.0s, you want to make sure you’re using a different IP.  To accomplish this,  you need to be using a VPN. This is going to make sure you don’t leave a footprint.

So that’s how you build web 2.0s in 2019.  make sure you’re taking care of them and even updating them to really increase the authority.

Now, you can’t just rank with web 2.0s alone. You need actual websites. To accomplish this,  I would recommend a good guest posting service. Click here to learn more.